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Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
« on: April 25, 2007, 01:33:35 PM »

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Feel free to discuss the rules and the way they are being enforced here.  Enjoy.
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Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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This site is for celtics fans, plain and simple.  It is a news source and a place where you can talk about all things celtics.  There are rules when you talk, you cant say anything offensive and you can't do anything to plot against the celtics.  No one should have a problem with this seeing as we are all celtics fans and we love our team.  Can we please stop crying about the rules here, and just get back to basketball.  People seem to be up in arms lately about rights and the right to voice their opinion freely.  This site isn't run by us users, its run and put together by Jeff along with others who worked very hard to get this site up and running, and keep it that way. So stop giving them a hard time and please lets talk some basketball.   

Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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I second greenteam's motion.

Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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Offline monty

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There really is nothing more annoying than a blog commenter crying about free speech and democracy like he's some kind of political prisoner or something. Can it, Thomas Jefferson. This is a blog run by moderators. it is not a democracy and there's no bill of rights. if you don't like the policies, go start your own blog and invite people to comment. I GUARANTEE that within a week you will institute a plethora of rules regulating what people can and can't say. it's very difficult to run a blog without them.

and don't even get me started on how dumb the boycott idea was. i'm sure the celtics brass were shaking in their shoes when they read that post.

oh no! the blog commenters are mobilizing! this is the end of the franchise for sure!

Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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I'm fine with the rules as they are, and I think the moderators here do a great job.

We all have the right to say whatever we want, but if I go into someone's house and start speaking junk about their mom, I expect to get kicked out, or at least told to shut up.  Even in a public place, like a cafe, if I go in there and start talking about something that is offensive, I wouldn't be surprised to be asked to leave.  It's not about first amendment rights, it's about respect.

I do want to say that this is the only forum where I post, because so many other forums out there are unbearable due to the lack of moderating.  EVERY thread turns into one filled with homophobic, sexist, idiotic, arrogant and ignorant comments for seemingly no reason.  We are allowed to have an open, intelligent and respectful conversation here, and I appreciate that.  Those that complain don't seem to know how good we have it here on Celticsblog.
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Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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Offline monty

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this is the only forum i post on, too, for those exact reasons.

Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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I agree....everyone has butted heads with the mods once or twice (I knocked heads with bob day once myself) and the mods aren't perfect but they don't bear an unfair grudge or act with any kind of biasness towards particular users regarding which forums are locked/whos banned whatever. I almost never, ever, ever agree with anything Reyquila says , and he's a mod, and in that regard he seems nothing but fair and impartial.

We've got a good community of people and a good group of people that run the site at their discretion. Even I think some of the rules can seem a bit superfluous at times, but on the other hand seems to run extremely smooth and without many incidents bearing mention..just because we don't understand the reasoning behind a rule doesn't mean the rule is silly. Trust the mods/Jeff to run their site, they've put a heck of a lot more thought into the rules than we have even when we complain.

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Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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Offline tuka

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Granted I'm just a lurker here, but I appreciate the speedy work the Admins do here in making sure threads and posters stay on topic and refrain from personal attacks.  Too frequently, discussion boards like this blog become hostile.  I, for one, am glad for the rules in place. 

Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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Offline redd1985

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I love posting here, and I respect the job the Mods do. This is the only open forum, probably the only forum I post on. I feel like most of the issues with mods come from new poster looking to shake things up. Also, new posters get agitated when they realize they just opened a new topic on something that has already been discussed, and this leads to them taking out the anger on the mods.

As for the protest talk (which sparked all of this), its ludicrous. CelticsBlog enjoy a good relationship with the Boston Celtics organization, and does not want to tarnish that in an effort to raise up the speech of those who want to denigrate their product.

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Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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Offline Puba

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The site is generally fine, but there are one or two mods who act like power-hungry horny drunk frat boys when it comes to editing posts by other users. 

Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
« Reply #10 on: April 25, 2007, 03:08:25 PM »

Offline steve

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I just like it when Hobbs finishes his post with..."Locked".  In fact I started saying this at work whenever I finish a great point.  And I will definatly say it a bunch of times tonight while watching Lost.  

Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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Offline ThreadCrasher

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I think a new rule should be instituted that everyone agree with my point of view, regardless of the fact I am an idiot.  I have been attempting to institute the rule at home, however, my wife does not seem to agree with the rule exept to agree that I am an idiot.

Thanks for your consideration.

Otherwise, I think Jeff and Hobbs and the guys do a great job, which is why they are all millionaires now! (I hope!)

Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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Offline TheUndertow

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I find it funny this is even an issue because someones misguided attempt to boycott the Celtics.

The site is fine - rules are fine (I'm not a big fan of rules but I'm also not ignorant of why they exist) - the Celtics will be fine.  Amen.

Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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Offline boscel33

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You guys do a great job moderating the site.  

That said, though, I feel if I do want to say something negative about the C's, this is a perfect medium to do it on.  That negative thought may simply be an opinion or it could be some mis-information received.  The mis-information would be cleared up right away by other writers or the mods.  

The thing that makes this site so great is the people are passionate about the C's.  That passion goes both ways at times in negative and positive thoughts.  We all have to see that and accept it.

Go C's, good luck to Tommy at the lottery.  I hpe this is the last time for many years to come that I read and write about tanking in regards to the C's.

I'm out.....
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Re: Open Thread on Rules/Restrictions
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Offline IDreamCeltics

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I wish discussions were more open and less regulated.

I wrote a post once calling out Celtics fans who attacked Ryan Gomes for not being onboard with the tanking.  It was intentionally incendiary because I wanted people to think hard about what right the Celtics brass has to fix games, and also about the lasting consequences of tanking.

No one was attacked individually, but I called the pro-tanking/Gomes attacking group cowardly and uncompetitive and tried to point out that Gomes was one of the few players (maybe the only one?) on our team to graduate college and seemed to actually understand that the odds of the lottory are against us getting a top two pick (which is a FACT that most people seem to breeze over).  A moderator edited out my opening paragraph because it, "attacked a group of people." 

I thought that this was a poor decision by the mod because it prevented these people from actually having to consider and defend their viewpoints from being A)Cowardly B) Non-Competive and C) Based on a poor grasp of mathematics and odds. 

My point was that we talk about Celtics Pride all the time, but when I tried to start a fiery discussion about what that actually means it was snuffed out (in my opinion) because the ideas involved weren't concrete enough, but rather based in philosophy.  Well how else can you have a conversation about an idea like "Pride" without challenging your opposition's sense of it?

In this case I thought the editing of my post prevented an important discussion from happening on this board in order to protect a majority of posters from having to defend their viewpoints on a philosophical level.