Author Topic: Wizards had players-only meeting, now hate each other. "it was unproductive"  (Read 1791 times)

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This is so hysterical.  This is one of those teams the NBA talking heads seem to think is better than us and can take us out come playoff time.  When you have a "superstar" that can't shoot jumpers consistently and can't guard a chair as your leader you're nothing more than a middle of the pack 40-50 win team.  Beal is an absolute stud sniper but he's not beating us by himself.  I love seeing stories like this.

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It's about time they turn that team over to Beal and move on from John Wall.

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We are really fortunate to be Celtics fans.

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This is all about money laundering.

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Wizards are looking terrible in Dallas right now.  A lot of bad offense from Wall.

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Second worst offensive output tonight for the season.

Really don't like this team and Wall especially. Regardless, no team plays more up or down to the level of their opponents than WAS. I'd be very frustrated as a fan.
This is all about money laundering.

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Wiz story is tragic.
I moved the cheese.

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I knew John Wall was slightly overrated when he went something like 0-7 in the 4th quarter of last year's Game 7 (while Olynyk outplayed him) and also looked horrible on defense.

He's a GREAT player, but superstar?? LOL.

And frankly, it doesn't seem like too many guys like him that much (such as Beal).

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J.J. Barea fires back after John Wall calls him 'a little midget'

DALLAS - J.J. Barea won't be gifted a Rolex watch from John Wall anytime soon.

An on-court confrontation between Barea and Wall was just a warm-up act Monday night. Things really got rolling when the veteran point guards exchanged trash talk via the media after Barea's Dallas Mavericks cruised to a 98-75 rout of Wall's Washington Wizards.

Wall fired the first shot when asked about the barking between the two, which resulted in Barea being whistled for a technical foul with 7:42 remaining in the game.

"Just a little midget trying to get mad," Wall said. "I don't pay him no mind."

Barea, a 12-year veteran who is very generously listed at 6 feet, raised his eyebrows when Wall's comment was relayed to him. Barea said Wall's comment was "funny" before firing back.

"Now I have somebody in the NBA that I don't like," Barea said. "That's my first. I don't like him at all now. But I don't think his teammates like him, either. So it's nothing new for him."

Wall, who gave his teammates Rolexes as Christmas gifts this season, has publicly acknowledged chemistry issues with backcourt partner Bradley Beal in the past. Barea's poke at Wall's popularity with his teammates also came the day after a Washington Post story about a Wizards team meeting that didn't go well.

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They have had talent for a few years yet it is failed to mesh.  I don't know if its is the coach, but definitely this makes me think it is their personalities.
JJ Barea said it best about John Wall" "I don't think his teammates like him, either. So it's nothing new for him."
"People look at players, watch them dribble between their legs and they say, 'There's a superstar.'  Well John Havlicek is a superstar, and most of the others are figments of writers' imagination."
--Jerry West, on John Havlicek


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