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Re: What's the Last Movie You Watched?
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Just watched Burn After Reading for the first time. This is the Cohen brothers best work in my opinion. 8.7/10. Highly recommend.
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Re: What's the Last Movie You Watched?
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recently seen:
- Aquaman -- good movie.  CGI was something and the storyline wasn't too bad.  one downside that my wife and I agreed on was that there was too much crammed into it.  2 villains (and more or less separate storylines with a little crossover) that should have been separate films.   Could have used a bit better dialogue and humor from Momoa -- He's got more to offer than what they used.   worth seeing if you like superhero movies.

- Crazy Rich Asians -- better than expected but since I was expecting a pretty bad/stupid movie, it was a low bar to surpass. 

- Daddy's Home 2 -- bad but still had a couple of moments of humor.  had a lot of difficulty not cringing when Mel Gibson was on screen knowing the issues surrounding him the past decade or so. 


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