Who's the best international player of all time? (players in alphabetical order)

Giannis Antetokounmpo
7 (11.7%)
Vlade Divac
0 (0%)
Luka Doncic
2 (3.3%)
Joel Embiid
1 (1.7%)
Pau Gasol
0 (0%)
Manu Ginobili
1 (1.7%)
Rudy Gobert
0 (0%)
Nikola Jokic
0 (0%)
Sarunas Marciulionis
0 (0%)
Yao Ming
2 (3.3%)
Dikembe Mutombo
0 (0%)
Steve Nash
5 (8.3%)
Dirk Nowitzki
8 (13.3%)
Hakeem Olajuwon
23 (38.3%)
Tony Parker
0 (0%)
Drazen Petrovic
1 (1.7%)
Kristaps Porzingis
0 (0%)
Arvydas Sabonis
9 (15%)
Oscar Schmidt
0 (0%)
Pascal Siakam
0 (0%)
Ben Simmons
0 (0%)
Peja Stojakovic
0 (0%)
Karl-Anthony Towns
0 (0%)
other (please name below)
1 (1.7%)

Total Members Voted: 60

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Re: Poll: Best international player of all time
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I feel the same about Doncic getting votes. I do think he will end up very high in the GOAT discussion but so far he hasn't all that much.

Even for Giannis i have doubts. For both we imagine they will keep their focus and improve ... But there a things out of their control...... Remember Brandon Roy?
Giannis is the reigning MVP and almost certainly will win again this year.  There aren't that many 2 time MVP's in NBA history.  He also is very likely going to win the DPOY this year.  He would join only Michael Jordan as an at least 2 time MVP winner with at least 1 DPOY if he does in fact win both of those.  Now obviously the DPOY didn't exist until 83 so Bill certainly would have won it and probably Kareem and maybe Petit, but either way there aren't many players with that level of status in the history of the sport.  That is why having Giannis on the list isn't crazy.  His all around game is virtually unprecedented given his size and all around skills.  I'd have Giannis, right now, behind only Hakeem and Dirk (and Duncan if you count him as an international player).  Sabonis would be just behind Giannis for me.

I can't take someone like Schmidt all that seriously since he not only never played in the NBA, but he played awful competition for most of his career.  There is just no way to gauge his actual ability given his competition level. 
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Re: Poll: Best international player of all time
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Sabonis might have surpassed Hakeem if not for injuries but Sabonis did have injuries and did not surpass Hakeem.

I think prime Sabonis was better even than prime Hakeem.

Prime Hakeem was the 1993-94 MVP, Finals MVP, and DPOY in the same season.  The only player to ever claim all 3 awards in one season.  I wonder how one can really be better than that? 

Also worth knowing that the other starters on that championship team were Kenny Smith, Vernon Maxwell, Otis Thorpe, and Robert Horry -- 4 players who have a combined one career all-star appearance (Thorpe two years before the 1994 season).
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