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Celtics Talk / Re: How Kyrie Helped Danny and The Celtics
« Last post by johnnygreen on Today at 10:36:42 AM »
I was all in on the Kyrie trade when it happened, and would still have made that trade today. I thought he was a great player during his two years in Boston. I am not buying all of this garbage coming out since their playoff exit, that is portraying Kyrie as a bad guy. The timing is far too convenient and is typical Boston media spin to attack a player that they know is leaving. Have the fans hate the player that is leaving and portray the team as the good guys.

Two seasons ago, the acquisition of Kyrie and Hayward, playing alongside Horford, should have been amazing. We had two leaders in the clubhouse in Kyrie and Hayward to share the load, and Al being the leader by example. But everything changed 5 minutes into the season when Hayward went down. The team did end up having a great season, led by Kyrie, Al, and a surprising rookie in Tatum. Then their unlikely playoff run happened without Kyrie and Hayward, which may have done more harm than good in the long run. Fast forward to this season, and players like Tatum, Brown, and Rozier believe they’re the guys the team should be led by, and not Kyrie and Hayward, because of that playoff run. The players lacked chemistry all season because of this seemingly constant internal battle for respect. Was this a big part of the equation in Kyrie wanting to leave? It doesn’t look like Danny has any desire to trade those young guys. Was a conversation had between Kyrie and Danny about this chemistry at the end of the season, and Kyrie said either some of them go or I go?

Speaking of chemistry issues, I’m very concerned about the relationship between Hayward, Brown, and Tatum next season. Do Brown and Tatum respect Hayward enough to allow him to be the leader of the team? I would prefer to see only two of them start, and have a more traditional PF, to help improve the rebounding. If he’s completely healthy, there is no reason why Hayward shouldn’t be starting on opening night. I don’t think Tatum is going anywhere, so does Danny and Brad hitch their wagon to Hayward or Brown? At the end of next season, Hayward has a player option and Brown will be a restricted free agent.
The Brinks truck has two flat tires and a broken side mirror.

But can he be Lou Williams?
The Brinks truck has two flat tires and a broken side mirror.
I hear a lot of people talk about Isaiah like they know for a fact that he's finished. Do we know for sure that his body will never recover. How much explosiveness do we think is gone? That hip injury is no joke, I just don't know for sure what he's lost. He's spent so much of the last two years recovering, and hasn't had a full healthy off-season to get right.

Who would like like find out the answer to these questions here in Boston. What are your stipulations? I know it's a stab in the dark, but if he got back to 80 percent of what he was, man!
Celtics Talk / Re: Hell with it go get some bad contracts
« Last post by GreenEnvy on Today at 10:23:10 AM »
I’m on board with this, assuming we strike out on top level free agents and the bad contracts only have one year left.

Not worth a mid/late first to tie up cap space beyond this upcoming season. Once Brown and Tatum get raises, we won’t see this cap space for awhile (unless we let Gordon go for nothing too).
Around the NBA / Re: 2019 Summer Rumors official thread
« Last post by gpap on Today at 10:19:10 AM »
Nope. Signing him (Brogdon) might block us from doing something big 2 offseasons from now. He's not a good enough player to tie up this much cap space.

However, Hayward will be off the books by then. Also, Smart will have a $13 million dollar expiring contract and Jaylen Brown could be gone by then, depending on what happens with restricted free agency.

Also, Brogdon could be a draw for Giannis in free agency as the two have been teammates for several seasons now.
Celtics Talk / Re: Hell with it go get some bad contracts
« Last post by Csfan1984 on Today at 10:14:04 AM »
Considering who they drafted this might be play B if the team doesn't secure a good FA or make a trade. We just have too many holes and questions right now to compete. I still wouldn't accept a contract longer than 2 years though as I'd look to time it when Hayward comes off the books.

On a different note isn't Jr Smith's contract a non guaranteed one this year?
Around the NBA / Re: 2019 Summer Rumors official thread
« Last post by ETNCeltics on Today at 10:10:13 AM »
Nope. Signing him (Brogdon) might block us from doing something big 2 offseasons from now. He's not a good enough player to tie up this much cap space.
Celtics Talk / Re: Langford fits in well with the young core
« Last post by Walker Wiggle on Today at 10:07:05 AM »
The more I watch the more i dislike.

I dont like players that give up on defemse and play completely disinterested on that end.

I also dont like when I see teammates drop their hands when a player gets the ball. (That indicates they know they are not getting it back) right now I wouldnt value him more than rozier.

His off ball awareness really does suck right now. If he wants to become anything in the league then he needs to sort it out. I think Brad's system will force him to learn it though, the read and react doesn't allow you to switch off because you can always be involved. And he'll need to get that if he wants to see time on the floor
Which really makes drafting him at #14 questionable. The chances of him hitting his ceiling isn't really that high, and even if he does it's not like he'll be head and shoulders above other prospects available at #14 assuming they also hit their ceilings (which is more likely to happen imo).
Not sure I agree with that. On the ball he is very good, he finishes through contact and as a defender he's excellent at defending the ball.

Every player has flaws they must overcome. LeBron had no jumper coming out of high school..

Langford's flaws are very correctable with application. What makes him a great pick at 14 is his offensive ability at this age. He's got a game that will translate very well to the NBA. Much more so than other guys in that range like Doumbouya or Bidatze

He has a far from complete offensive game.

He actually had poor playmaking and a pretty broken shot.

I mean in a vacuum he will go out and score points. He will keep the ball when doubled etc and not pass teammates and will have middle if the road efficiencies in the nba...but sure.

He has a long way to go. A long way. Like he is at least 2 years away from sniffing 30mins a game on a successful nba team
Who were the 3 guys you wanted?
Goga at 14, second choice was NAW at 14
my choices at 20 went early (samanic) followed by any of my choices at 24, although trade was good too.
My Choices at 24 was Little, Johnson, Kabengele, Okpala, Porter Jr and Fernando
at 33 I was screaming for Fernando, But I dont hate Edwards.

right now, Langford is looking like Demar Derozan, with worse passing, worse shooting and more disinterested defense. So a player he gives all when he has the ball, doesnt like to pass, is completely disinterested on defense, like to take long 2s from just outside the midrange and likes to get to the line. Ugly basketball.

Really good breakdown of him here.

The one thing a majority of people hated about Kyrie and blamed him for, and Rozier as well and to a lesser extent morris was their propensity to stop the ball and kill the offense. This kid has pine tar on his hands. The ball rarely ever come out of it unless he is shooting 27%.

The challenge in drafting a kid who's 19 is that you're projecting what he'll be in many years' time. Is he a lifetime 27% 3pt shooter who will never learn to pass and will permanently be a "ball stopper"? Or are some of these things correctable because, you know, he's a year removed from high school?

It's entirely legitimate to criticize the choice and express skepticism that a prospect's flaws can be improved upon, but we should not talk about these kids as if they are finished products at such a young age.
Around the NBA / Re: 2019 Summer Rumors official thread
« Last post by gpap on Today at 10:01:11 AM »
I know Brogdon is a popular target on this site (and rightfully so), here's an interesting tidbit on how far Milwaukee would go to match any offer sheets.

Despite a history of foot issues that could limit his value to some extent, the Bucks are “bracing” for a big offer sheet for Malcolm Brogdon, per Lowe. If Brogdon gets a deal in the range of $20MM+ per year, Milwaukee may have to decide between becoming a taxpaying team or letting him go.

If you're the Celts and Brogdon is a player you absolutely covet, do you make him an offer that Milwaukee probably won't match? (as they'll probably be maxed out, likely re-signing Middleton)

I will admit, Brogdon/Brown/Hayward/Tatum/(insert FA center) is a team I can get behind.
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