Author Topic: Wizards (25-36) at Celtics (37-25) Game #63 3/1/19  (Read 4025 times)

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Re: Wizards (25-36) at Celtics (37-25) Game #63 3/1/19
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Defensive pressure especially Brown and Rozier early 4th was the difference.

Hayward still effective despite taking only 2 shots. He seems to purposely set up the others and sacrifices shots. Hes got his contract.

Hayward this season reminds me of Timberwolves era Mike Miller. Very good passing and rebounding but just refused to look for his own shot.

Miller was one of the best jump-shooters in the league at the time. It was infuriating. He was still good but capable of much more. Miller was a 16-18ppg scorer before that.

Re: Wizards (25-36) at Celtics (37-25) Game #63 3/1/19
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Good to have the win. But there's still alot of work to be done.

Defense still needs improvements by leaps and bounds. The only guy really playing defense is Smart.

Tatum needs to post-up more and shoot less threes.

Similarly, Morris also really needs to cut back on 3s and post up more as well. He's a big guy and should use his size to his advantage.

Even though he may have been the leading scorer, I feel Horford has regressed offensively.
We're still getting killed on rebounding, but that's probably not going to change.

Theis was a nice spark plug off the bench.

Hayward needs to be ALOT more assertive. He just passes the ball whenever he gets it.

Sunday's Rockets game and the West Coast trip should be a nice litmus test to see how we do to follow up this win.

Good to have our first W since February 13th.
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