Who did the best?

Boston Celtics - Csfan1984
Brooklyn Nets - DefenseWinsChamps
Charlotte Hornets - DefenseWinsChamps
Dallas Mavericks - Silky
Detroit Pistons - tazzmaniac
Houston Rockets - RodyTur10
Indiana Pacers - RJ87
Los Angeles Lakers - gouki88
Memphis Grizzlies - Dr. Jasper
Miami Heat - Smartacus
Milwaukee Bucks - Silky
Minnesota Timberwolves - tazzmaniac
Phoenix Suns - Phantom255x
Portland Trail Blazers - Big333223
Sacramento Kings - A Future of Stevens
San Antonio Spurs - Humble G
Washington Wizards - DefenseWinsChamps

Author Topic: 2019 Mock Trade Deadline Winner Announcement  (Read 1577 times)

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Re: 2019 Mock Trade Deadline Winner Announcement
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Congrats to DefenseWinsChamps. I did not vote for the Wizards, though. Getting off Wall's contract was great but I thought the return on Porter was sad and I didn't really understand the move.

I think the Celtics move was underrated. Getting an all star PF for the corpse of Gordon Hayward was incredible.

I also voted for the Rockets, who didn't do much but brought upgraded an already good team with just the kind of player they needed.

I also voted Pacers, who got an All Star PG to pair with their All Star SG next season without giving up any really valuable single asset.
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