Author Topic: Celtics (1-0) vs Nuggets (0-0) Vegas SL Game 2 7/7/18  (Read 4220 times)

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Re: Celtics (1-0) vs Nuggets (0-0) Vegas SL Game 2 7/7/18
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There's also an unspoken agreement that players will get at least some run when they join your summer league team. The players are there to show teams, both NBA and international, what they can do. For the NBA teams it's not really about development, it's more about seeing if there is anyone who they might want to invite to training camp.

By and large youíre right, and there are international scouts as well. Itís a pro ball talent bazaar!

Having said that, especially second-year players come to workshop skills in game conditions. Last year Jaylen was working on being a facilitator, for instance, and after the first game not especially looking for his shot; and we saw some of that from Ojeleye last night as well. It would sure be interesting to know how much input the coaching staff had in that.


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