Author Topic: If you are CBS do you coach one game tomorrow or coach for game 7 as well?  (Read 1057 times)

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What would you do?

Do you coach game 6 without looking ahead or do you coach with an overall strategy for both games. I have been saying since yesterday that he has to coach to win game six, but adopt a strategy that even if Cavs win game 6 they will have no legs for game 7.

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You absolutely are looking to end the series in Game 6.  I don't want to play LeBron in a Game 7 and that's also Cleveland's best chance of getting decent road efforts from their non-stars.

But I do think Brad should use more players as fatigue could become a factor where they're playing every other night now.  Larkin might be a nice addition if he can play at all.

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It will be a tall task for the Celtics to close out a series on the road.

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I think he'll do the same as he always does. Look at the next game and get the players to focus on the next play.

There isn't going to be any sudden desperation that appears. The whole organisation believes in itself, we aren't suddenly going to change our approach

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Brad never seems to get caught up in the moment so he will prepare them as normal.

I think the start is key. Jump out to a lead and see the Cavs tighten up. Their role players look so much more comfortable with a lead and can really get shaky when trailing. The crowd is going to be in desperation mode from the get so I donít think an early lead will detract them, but we can make The Others nervous.

We just need to win quarters. We won 3 out of 4 in Game 4 after not winning any in Game 3.

Rozier needs to be aggressive and make his easy shots. Horford needs to attack early and often, which doesnít necessarily mean shoot but he can get others involved through his post-ups. Everybody REBOUND! Love seeing Rozier and Tatum join in and eliminate extra possessions.

Obviously anything was going to be better than Game 3ís dismal performance, but I think we really fond something after the equally brutal start to Game 4. The adjustment Brad made in Game 5 was great and I donít see how Lue can counter anymore.

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You coach one game at a time, each game like it is your last with maximum effort!

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You win when you can. Iíd hate to give this Cavs team life.

Plus, itíd be nice to get the guys some rest as the Warriors and Rockets play in game 7 (predicting the Warriors winning in a blowout)
- LilRip

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You coach one game at a time, each game like it is your last with maximum effort!
Definitely coach Game 6 to win.  If they lose, you want them to go into Game 7 with the same competitiveness.  Give the Cavs no reason for optimism in a G6 victory. 

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100% play to win every game.  I know that's Brad's approach. Celtics can absolutely win this game and it will be well worth the effort.


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Coach to win this game. He has a young team so he's not worried about rest for Sunday. I tell the guys to play at a great pace, move the ball and keep it close. By the 3rd quarter the Cavs may be gassed and the crowd may start getting anxious. Make Bron be great on every possession.

I think they can win this game. I like our chances...two games to win one. There would be nothing more sweet than to end their season where ours supposedly ended to start the season. Send the King packing out of Cleveland.

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Defense, only defense can bring us game 6.

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You coach to win & adapt on the fly.  Only have an eye on Game 7 if, god forbid, you're getting blown out then you start thinking about managing minutes and getting the bench guys in.

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making LeBron work on defense is a risky move as he can show he can do it, but he definitely looked gas game 5 carrying the load, I think this is worth looking into, whoever LeBron is guarding, he needs to keep attacking,

we should not settle for jumpshots especially if they don't start falling, we need to attack

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100% about this game, but I'd make sure the game plan had some extra in it that required Lebron to run/chase even more than usual.


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