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Re: Celtics Game 5 Refs Tonight
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Wait, no Tony Brothers on the court tonight reffing?!?!

Re: Celtics Game 5 Refs Tonight
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As long as they allow the game to be played physically I am fine. I can't stand ticky tack foul calls.

Re: Celtics Game 5 Refs Tonight
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What are your thoughts?  Tin foil hat stuff?  Good betting insight?  Interesting, but coincidental?

We need to wrap this up in 6 because they're going to put Brothers in game 7 for sure.

You feel very confident of that?  Who do you think wins the game tonight?

Not confident enough to advise you to bet on it (I don't gamble myself). But if we're just talking, I feel like Celtics by about 10. I was telling my wife that Game 4 was *very* winnable by the Celtics. I don't see them doing the same mistakes at home.

I was already on the verge of betting on it, you just helped seal the deal, thanks for that.
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