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Super Bowl help!
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My sons 9th bday is Feb 7. Several months ago we bought tickets to the 12:00 Feb 4th Celtics game against the Trail Blazers. My wife, two sons and I Will be traveling from western NY and probably staying w a childhood/neighbor friend that I haven't been actively friends with for several years. Not sure if he is into football or not. The game and travel is a surprise for my son. But he got  really into basketball this year and has been talking about going to a game since the season started. I lacked the foresight to know that Feb 4th was super bowl Sunday and that the Patriots would be playing....

We had been thinking we would leave after the game and head home, but now....  we think we should stay over Sunday night, call in a long weekend and make it a Boston double sports extravaganza! Assuming that my friend has no super bowl plans and/or is not thinking of including us in them, does anyone have any family friendly solutions for watching the Patriots in the super bowl in Boston!?!?


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