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Re: The apparent plan for the DPE
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I agree with Byennie.  If we give him the full 8.4 million for the rest of the year and then a 120% raise to 10.08 million next for a guy that is currently averaging ONLY 4.0 points and 4.1 rebounds in ONLY 12.5 minutes!!  I would think that he might be ECSTATIC to get those dollars for those numbers!!  And get to come HOME!!!


He hasnít been bought out, though, and probably would prefer a team to retain his Bird rights.  He turned down 4 years, $70 million. His goal is going to be either to get paid or to re-establish his value with heavy minutes. Boston isnít a team with a lot of financial flexibility or playing time.

Dallas has no incentive to buy him out, and he'd have to clear waivers if he were bought out, which probably isn't likely either.

Oh well!

Sure they do. Million bucks or so, a roster spot, and letting go of an unhappy player who was never going to play another meaningful minute for the franchise.

It's certainly no big "get" for Dallas, but if the ship has sailed...
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Re: The apparent plan for the DPE
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I don't Noel helps us much because he is not a scorer.    He would solidifty our D more but boy would our bench offense, continue to be up and down.   We're great when the shots are falling and when not ugggghhh!


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