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Re: Gary Harris 4 years 84 million
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I agree. I think someone pays him $15m per year. There's too many teams and limited talent, esp at the SG position. Smart brings abnormally good defense. I'd he would be paired with good shooters. I see no reason why he can't have a long career like Tony Allen.

Re: Gary Harris 4 years 84 million
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We could have drafted him but we took james young

We also could have drafted Jokic instead of Young that year.  Jokic wasn't taken until the 2nd round.

Harris got paid, good for him. 
Young was admittedly a bust.  But sometimes it's hard to find the good picks in the lower half of the draft.

Re: Gary Harris 4 years 84 million
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Anyone still think Denver made a mistake giving him that contract?
Mistake is a bit tough, but 16/3/3/2 is not worth 21 million a year, even in this market (and he was only averaging 15 a game before yesterday). 

Re: Gary Harris 4 years 84 million
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 Let's slow down a bit. Harris put up 15 ppg last year at 22 years old he also shot .420% from three on 4.5 apg. That's Avery Bradley type production but five years younger.

 Let's see if smart can really approach 15 ppg with respectable shooting numbers first. He's looking better no doubt, but still a career .358% From the field and .291% from three for his career.

Exactly. Harris has improved every single year and that improvement has looked to continue this yesr, as he's been running the offense. To me he's a better version of Bradley. He's a much better ball handler, is a better shooter, probably a pinch more athletic, 5 years younger, and has better height (6'4). Bradleys a better perimeter defender, but not by that much.

The problem here is that many haven't seen Harris play much, if at all.

Okay, letís not get carried away here.  Harris is not a good defender.  Heís arguably not even an okay defender.  He doesnít rebound defensively at all. (Heís got the same career DRB% as IT, and was less than half AB last year). His steals and blocks numbers are pedestrian.  His advanced ratings range from okay (defensive win shares) to awful (84th of 91 shooting guards in DRPM).  Players shot 43 percent from 3 against him and 55.6 percent from 2 (6.7 and 6.3 percent better than they shot overall for the year).  And, whereas Bradley doesnít always come out looking great by some numbers, heís consistently mentioned by his peers as someone they hate being guarded by, has been voted all-defense in the past and had the highest vote total for someone who wasnít voted in last year, and is almost always asked to guard a teamís best perimeter player when heís on the court.  Harris has no such reputation at this point in his career (Bradley already had it entering his 4th year), nor no such responsibility.

Harris had a good defensive reputation coming out of college.  It has not translated at all in the pros, aside from having measurables that indicate he should be a good defender. Heís a very good shooter.  Heís downright deadly from the corner 3 at 56%.  Heís improving as a passer.  His contract is probably reasonable given his age and the steps forward heís made offensively to this point in his career, and it wasnít too difficult to see someone offering him the same deal Otto Porter got.  But in no way is he a good defender, and heís probably not even an okay one.  Some here may underrate Harris, but you are overrating him.

I totally agree with you saltlover!!  He had the 84th ranked defensive RPM out of 92 SG's in the entire NBA last year!!


Gary is currently ranked in defensive RPM THIS year!!!!

Good for him and good for the Nuggets!!!!



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