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Here, each of the GMs representing a team in the Northwest Division will provide an introduction to their team.

For those participating, the opening blurbs can include some or all of the following:

1. Roster/depth chart
2. Statistics
3. Pictures
4. Statement regarding drafting philosophy (building for the future, contending now, etc.)
5. Toughest decision
6. Best move (trade, pick, etc.) / worst move
7. Your outlook for this coming season

It can be as substantial or as abbreviated as you want it to be. These threads are open to all members, not just those posters who participated in the draft. The more participation we get, the better.


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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Northwest Division press conferences (Tuesday 8/16)
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The Starting Lineup:

The Bench:


PG: Derrick Rose / Shaun Livingston

SG: Khris Middleton / Quincy Pondexter / Jonathon Simmons

SF: Wilson Chandler / Khris Middleton / Quincy Pondexter

PF: Karl-Anthony Towns / Mike Scott 

C:  Jonas Valanciunas / Karl-Anthony Towns


David Lee (PF,C), Josh Smith (PF), Anderson Varejao (C) , Ty Lawson (PG)



The Jazz is spearheaded by boy Wonder Karl-Anthony Towns.

This kid averaged a double-double in his first year, averaging 18 points, 10 rebounds, 2 assists, 1.7 blocks on 54% FG with a cherry on the top 34% 3PT shooting. The reigning ROTY is coming into his second year, expected to have a bump in his numbers.

This kid can do virtually anything on the court. I mean, anything!

Inside game? Check. Footwork? Check. Dribble drive? Check. Mid range game? Check. 3PT shot? Check. Run the floor? Check. Passing? Check. Quick first step? Check.

Towns is an offensive prodigy in a 7 footer's body.

Helping him on this season is 2011 MVP Derrick Rose. Rose has slowly but surely coming back to his own former superstar self. The former MVP averaged 16 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists on 42% shooting last year. Not really good numbers for an MVP, we get it, but he did finished strong, logging 17.4 points, 3.1 rebounds, 4.6 assists, 47% FG, 37% 3PT after the All-Star break, suggesting that he's still capable of doing the things that made people fell in love with his game with.

Lost a step? We at Salt Lake City HIGHLY disagrees.

Rose's ability to get to the basket was on full display last year, and is slowly shaking off two years worth of trust. His ball handling is as deadly as ever, and his ability to get to the lane is still on par with the best of the league.

Really, though, just look at him in action.

And here.

And here.

And here.

We do not forget. We do not forget that Derrick Rose is one ELITE scorer. And while he's body hasn't caught up yet, his skills are still there.

The other help comes from Khris Middleton.

We love the fact that he averages 18 points on 44% shooting and 39% from the 3 point arc. In a team where there are two guys who are capable of dominating in the scoring department, it's a luxury to have a dude who can catch and shoot effectively and quietly add tally to the score mark. He opens up the floor too, which is vital for the team that has a guy who can dominate in the paint, and a guy who can penetrate to the paint.


We're happy to have Wilson Chandler in our lineup, one of the underrated players in the NBA. This athletic wing is capable of putting 13 points a game, shooting at a solid 43% and a good 34% from 3. Another guy who can run on transition, use his quick first step, and open up the floor with his shooting.

Jonas Valanciunas is a big, bruising, mammoth of a man with an ability score from the pain and gather rebounds. Averaging a near double-double last season with 12 points and 9 rebounds, he, along side KAT would provide great advantage in our inside scoring with their size and efficient scoring.

The bench also sports a couple of good shooters, ready to come in if the floor is needed to be stretched out. Mike Scott and Quincy Pondexter (who is ready to go this year) averaged 39% and 37% shooting from the 3PT respectively. Both provide extra spacing and an extra offensive boost from the bench.

Another guy who can add to the scoring tally is Shaun Livingston. His ability to get to his mid range spots and shoot over defenders is a valuable offensive weapon. The dude is efficient on the floor, making 53% of his shots, mainly from posting up smaller defenders and shooting over them.

We have extra scoring coming in from the interior in David Lee if needed be. This is a guy who makes 55% of his shots from 10 feet or less, making him a good inside option if the team needs an added scoring punch. 


We may not have All-NBA Defense team players, but we sport guys who are well known in the league to be good defenders.

We have two wings who are known to be good defenders for their position. Athletic and long, they can disrupt opposing wings with their length, quickness and size.

KAT averages close to 2 blocks per game, capable of protecting the rim. He's also quick enough to defend pick and rolls without being exposed. His nimble feet and length could not only bother ball handlers but it's gives him the ability to get back to his man when needed.

Quincy Pondexter, our resident third wing player, also has a reputation of being a good defender. A guy with a knack to staying in front of his man and with quick hands means we don't lose defensive intensity when we sub our one of our wings. Don't believe me? See for yourself...

Shaun Livingston is a long, tough defender that can contest any shot his man would take. Tough to score against due to his length and his quickness to keep his man in front.

Jonas Valaciunas is slowly getting his defensive mojo. His body is tough to push around, making scoring harder on the interior. He's got length to bother shots. And his most important thing, he's a great rebounder. This kid averages 12.6 rebounds per 36 minutes. He will finish possession with the ball in his hands.

Derrick Rose is a bad defender, not making an excuse on that one. But we have a group who can cover him. And we can sport a lineup capable of making stops at crunch time when we need to protect a lead.


We can put in and match up with any lineup. We traditionally start big, but if needed, we can space the floor more by putting in Mike Scott, and staggering the Center positions with J-Val and KAT. This will provide us with a lineup with shooters all around, opening up the floor for dribble drive moves from Rose and inside scoring with our bigs.

Our small ball isn't even small. With Towns having the adequate footspeed to defend quicker players, we can put in a Towns - Chandler - Pondexter - Middleton - Rose line up capable of playing fast tempo basketball, all while still having size in the lineup, despite going "small".

As mentioned, we have a defensive lineup we can put in on late game situations while protecting the lead. Having Shaun Livingston at PG gives us a defensive boost at PG positions. And with our small ball and traditional lineup all are good with defending, we can get stops in the final minutes when we need it.


We at the Utah Jazz expects to be one of the top teams in the West. We have explosive offensive players, a team roster that fits well with the pieces, a deep bench and versatile options on our lineups. We are defensively sounds, with players who are widely known league wide as good defenders, athleticism and length.


This team has the following players.

David Lee, Josh Smith, Ty Lawson, Derrick Rose, Anderson Varejao, Wilson Chandler (Knicks version).

If the Earth for some reason goes back in time, say year 2011, we'd still be one of the best teams in the league. Think about that for a second.

We would be happy to address any questions you have regarding the Utah Jazz.
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Northwest Division press conferences (Tuesday 8/16)
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The Coach:

Terry Stotts came in second in Coach of the Year voting in 2015-16, trailing only Steve Kerr, coach of the greatest regular season team of all time. Stotts drew rave reviews for his ability to turn a team that lost four of its five starters into a second round playoff team. Perhaps more valuable than my praise is that of one of the best coaches in the league, LeBron James. Bron Bron explained "I think Terry Stotts should have been or could have been Coach of the Year. I can't remember the last time that I've seen a team lose four starters and still be in the same position as far as the postseason success they had.” Suffice it to say, Stotts is among the league’s very best coaches.

The Depth Chart:

PG: George Hill/Chalmers/Jordan McRae
SG: Oladipo/Alan Anderson/Hezonja
SF: Hayward/Jakarr Sampson/Luwawu
PF: Thaddeus Young/Dwight Powell/Bender
C: Marc Gasol/Dedmon

The Starters:

George Hill’s numbers took a bit of a hit last year, but he put up a very solid 12.1/4/3.5. However, it is important to remember that Hill played 1800 of his 2500 minutes in 2015-16 alongside Monta Ellis, a ball-dominant (21.2% USG), shoot-first combo guard. From 2014-15 to 2015-16, Hill’s USG% fell 8%. It is important to realize that Hill’s production fell off not due to decline, but due to the presence of Monta Ellis. Hill is a very efficient scorer (career 56.2% TS) and is careful with the ball (2.56 AST/TO). He’s a fantastic 3-PT shooter (40.8% last year) and is very efficient as a spot-up shooter (1.11 PPP), which will be valuable to Portland given our creation at the 2, 3, and 5. On the defensive end, Hill finished 14th among all Point Guards in defensive RPM and 10th among those who played 20 mpg or more. Hill is a two-way player (a common theme on these Blazers) and has positional versatility to play both guard spots.

Victor Oladipo is one of the league’s budding stars. In his third year in the NBA, Oladipo averaged 16/4.8/3.9 and finished 6th among all SG in RPM. He’s a well-rounded, two-way player (told you!), finishing top 12 in both ORPM and DRPM. He’s coming around as a shooter (posted 34.8% on 3P last year) and is an excellent creator, averaging 3.9 APG last year despite playing 81% of his minutes at 2/3 and 1240 of his 2380 minutes alongside a pass-first PG in Elfrid Payton. Oladipo will contribute immensely in the short term and will carry Portland for many years to come.

Gordon Hayward has taken MIke Conley’s crown as the best player in the NBA yet to have made an All-Star team, averaging 19.7/5/3.7 last year. Hayward is an efficient scorer, capable defender, and ultra-versatile playmaker/scorer. He shoots well (career 36% from 3) and creates for others (18.2% AST%, ranking 7th among all SF last year). Three starters introduced, and 1-3, all offer a two-way presence and excellent passing.

Thaddeus Young is coming off a spectacular year in which he averaged 15.1/9/1.8. Young’s stellar season may have been overlooked due to the quality of the team he was on, but when Young played the Nets were infinitely better than with him off the floor (7.1 points per 100 possessions better). Young is a scoring and rebounding machine. He’s athletic, young, and a perfect compliment to one of the most fundamentally sound big men in the league.

“Unsung superstar.” Jeff Clark, Zach Lowe, and countless other writers have dubbed Al Horford as such, but here’s the thing: Marc Gasol is like Al Horford...just better in every way. Gasol, the 2013 NBA DPOY, is one of the league’s most dominant defenders and posted a line of 16.6/7/3.8 last season. Gasol is efficient and extremely versatile as a scorer; he can score from everywhere inside the 3PT line (career FG% at least 41.6% from distances 0-3 ft, 3-10 ft, 10-16 ft, and 16ft-3PT line). Gasol is not only among the best passing big men in the league, but among the best passing big men of all time. With a career AST% of 15%, Gasol ranks 14th ALL-TIME in AST% among centers. Gasol is the heart and soul of the Blazers, a special two-way player and legendary passer; he embodies everything that the CB Draft Blazers are trying to achieve.

The Trail Blazers feature one of the league’s strongest starting units, with passing and defense at every position.

The Bench:

Mario Chalmers is steady, reliable, and has tremendous playoff experience (2x Champion). He’s a proven veteran, the perfect backup PG.

Jordan McRae put up outrageous Per 36 numbers of nearly 20/4/5 last year. McRae likely would not maintain that performance over those minutes, but he showed in Summer League that he has a knack for scoring. We expect strong, yet limited, minutes from McRae in the near future, but could see him growing into a Jamal Crawford-like microwave scorer in time.

Alan Anderson is another proven veteran. He can shoot, defend, and posted a +7.6 in On/Off differential last year.

JaKarr Sampson is a very exciting young player with room to grow. He posted strong numbers of just over 5 and 2 in 18 mpg for Denver last year, shooting an efficient 47% from the floor.

Timothe Luwawu is coming off an extremely successful season in the Adriatic league. He can slash, shoot, defend, and has serious hops. He has professional experience, allowing him to contribute right away, but he also has the upside to become much more than just a 3 and D player.

Mario Hezonja was the 5th Pick in the 2015 Draft. He shot pretty well from the floor last year, but played only 18 mpg because Scott Skiles hates rookies. Per 36, Hezonja averaged 12.2/4.5/2.8. Portland expects that Hezonja will develop into a star eventually, but today we believe he can contribute on both ends of the floor, logging minutes at 1-3.

Dwight Powell in the words of Rick Carlisle: "I expect him to be a rotation player. He's a combination four/five. I see him playing both positions.” He’s a strong, young player with room to improve as a strong athlete.

Dragan Bender is one of my favorite players of the 2016 Draft. Versatility on offense, capability of staying in front of guards on defense, and tantalizing passing make Bender a perfect fit in Portland now and for the future.

Dewayne Dedmon is one of the league’s ELITE rim protectors, according to Nylon Calculus’ Points Saved/36 metric (1.17).

The Trail Blazers are ready to contend now. We have the most well-rounded and cohesive starting lineup in the league, with an average age of just 27.8 years. We’ll be successful for many, many years, and if Hezonja and Bender live up to their potentials, then we may have a full-fledged dynasty on our hands. For now, though, we have a team built around passing, defense, and versatility, a team built to contend.

max215 FTW!!!!!!!!
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Northwest Division press conferences (Tuesday 8/16)
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David Lee (PF,C), Josh Smith (PF), Anderson Varejao (C) , Ty Lawson (PG)

Just 2-3 years ago these guys were starters and even all stars.
The Nets will finish with the worst record and the Celtics will end up with the 4th pick.

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Guess I was wrong (May 23rd)


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