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Yeah I don't understand why people are enamored with DeAndre Jordan. If he was still on a rookie deal or a even a cheap one it'd make sense. Right now the comparisons to Perk are apt for him, alebit with a different skill set.
I'm enamored with him for several reasons.
1. Long and Athletic
2. Good Rebounder
3. Only 24 years old
4. How many good young centers are there in the league.
Monroe, Drummond, Cousins, Sanders, Hickson... really depends on what your definition of "young" and "center".
I guess that's a good peer group. I think that list goes Cousins, Monroe, Sanders, Drummond, Jordan then Hickson.

I would add a bunch of guys to that list- Brook and Robin Lopez, Kosta Koufos, JaVale McGee, Valanciunas and Enes Kanter.

I would take most of them over Jordan, especially since almost all are cheaper!!!

I think Jordan is a commodity, but he's not THAT rare. There are about 20 guys under the age of thirty playing better center for less money right now.
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