Author Topic: Three way trade idea to obtain Bradley Beal. And become a legit contender  (Read 2415 times)

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 Itís a bummer but I agree that teams wonít trade for Kemba. I think itís too much of an unknown of what would be this season snd two more. Hopefully he comes back for us and he has good fortune with rest. But to hope heís back to his best with us.. I am pessimistic.

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We need a ban on all Kemba trade ideas.

1. In his limited time later in the year last season, he was a shell of himself;
2. His playing style and physical profile bring very little to the table if he's robbed of his quickness (i.e., he's not a big guy or savvy 3-and-D guy who could add value when limited);
3. News on his injury, and the treatment he's getting, suggest something chronic/degenerative;
4. Danny & Co. have a far better picture of his future health than any trade partner would;
5. The last guy Danny moved in a similar situation (IT) basically washed out of the league.

Now, you're another GM and Danny calls you looking to move Kemba. Knowing all of the above and that you're taking back one of the most expensive contracts in the league, why on earth would you offer anything of value in return?

ďWe need a ban on all Kemba trade ideasĒ  ::) 💡 free press strong and well then....your points above reflect that he isnít the piece/value of his contract ĎDannyí intended him to be. Teams do take/trade players to become worse on purpose in the short term ya know...Washington must be close to tank mode surely, Westbrook isnít moving the W column it seems

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I like the idea of Walker for Beal.  I feel like Beal would have a lot of chemistry with Tatum as they seem to be good friends/rivals.

We probably have to throw in Langford and a couple of 1st rounds picks on top of Walker, but it would be worth it imo.

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The one that makes the most sense for me is with San Antonio for DeRozan and Lonnie Walker but no way they do that right?