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NBA Offseason Questions
« on: October 26, 2020, 05:46:31 PM »

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So with the reports that the NBA is targeting December 22nd or someday around there as the start of the season, when does free agency begin? When would the draft take place? I would imagine soon, as we are almost in November and the season is supposed to begin in December.

How do you guys see this impacting potential free agent movement? I can see the opportunities for free agents, along with the decreases in league revenue impacting salaries, greatly limiting opportunities for free agents. Many of them may likely stay put for a year. I could also see some guys available on bargain deals who miss out due to lack of opportunities and a short free agency period. What do you guys think?

Re: NBA Offseason Questions
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Draft was set for Nov 18th I thought. With FA coming quickly after cba and cap determined.

Nothing set in stone.

I could see more short deals this year if cap is low.

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I am trying to remember what happened in 1999 after the lockout but I am struggling. I believe they only had 4 weeks to prepare for their season. To get FAs and maybe do training camp at the same time. I remember some players arriving late to teams. I think that was the Scottie Pippen to Houston Rockets sign and trade summer. Latrell Sprewell. Big trade there. So there were a couple of blockbuster moves.

I can't remember what else happened in FA. I have a feeling about more old vets getting low contracts on top teams than normal but I am not sure.
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