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Re: Last year's roster had a lot more talent
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Hah, my rusher Josh Howard comparison clearly did miss the mark. My bad.

I was initially going to go with a James Worthy comparison, but thought two Lakersí ones would send people (rightfully) mad

I think Brown plays more like Kobe than Tatum does. I don't think Brown will get to Kobe's level, but his skill set is increasingly looking more and more like Kobe. 

Tatum reminds me of Grant Hill when he was healthy. He was a heckuva a player before he got injured.
My memory of Grant Hill as a star is one of an almost point-forward who drew heaps of fouls and had great athleticism - a LeBron-lite. Is that Tatum? I donít know if I see it

Yeah you may be right about that, I need to go back and look at the tape.

But think more about the Kobe comparison. I see Brown's development looking more like the way Kobe played, especially how he creates space in the midrange. Tatum not so much. At least not yet.
Either way, I'm not complaining. Brown's development around his 'feel' for the game has been amazing to watch. His handle this season is awesome, and I trust his post game immensely.