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Re: Celtics (6-1) at Spurs (5-3) Game 8 11/9/19
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BTW, I am often out of touch re: pop culture (which I am assuming is the source), but please tell me what is the origin of Timelord and why is it Rob's moniker?

Some dumb nickname Scalabrine came up with. Personally, I hate it which is why I never refer to him as such. It just sounds dumb.

This is false. Weird Celtics Twitter gave him the nickname after he was late to his rookie press conference etc. Scalabrine is too dumb to give him a cool nickname like Timelord.

I like Ainge's suggestion of Lob Williams better (lol)

His most vertical majesty, the TimeLord, Lob Williams. Disher of dimes, blocker of threes, and slammer of dunks.

Long may he ball.

TP  :D
WCT has spoken. His nickname is Timelord. That's not gonna change. Even the mainstream media now calls him Timelord.

He is the Timelord ....his basketball prowess surpasses mear human understanding ... so it said , so it shall be written  ;)
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