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Boston Celtics jerseys?
« on: July 06, 2019, 02:20:39 PM »

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Hi All,

[5] Garnett - Green
[9] Rondo - Green
[5] Garnett - White
[12] Brady - Blue  ;)
[20] Hayward - Green

It's time for another jersey. I long wanted a Tatum jersey but was hesitant to buy either a Tatum/Brown one because of trade possibilities. Also I don't necessary like the number 0. With the addition of Kemba Walker I am doubting again which jersey to buy.

- When will Kemba Walker jerseys arrive? Any idea what number he will wear?
- Will the jerseys change this year? I don't think so right?
- Any chance Tatum or another player will pick another number? What does 0 mean to Tatum?

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Re: Boston Celtics jerseys?
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Jayson Tatum Wears The Number Zero Because Of Gilbert Arenas , is that true ? :o 9Apps
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Re: Boston Celtics jerseys?
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Last Jersey I purchased was a Smart jersey. He is a special defensive player so I'm okay with the purchase. It was the KG and Smart battle for a loose ball that sold me on Smart. Then there is the KD stuff, Irving, IT, AB and now team USA stuff that tells me players love Smart. Hope he builds on how good he was last season. If you love defense Smart is a jersey to own.
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Re: Boston Celtics jerseys?
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I don't have a lot of jerseys and haven't bought one for a long time, but I do have (Antoine) Walker and (Dee) Brown jerseys (also Bird) and am stoked they are relevant again!