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Re: Jalen Brunson for 80 million on the celtics?
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Someone else mentioned this but if you bring in a player though a sign and trade, you become hard capped.  Looked at the other way, unless you can bring in the S&T player and be under the cap or the apron, you cannot do the sign and trade.

I doubt very much that we are going to hard cap ourselves.  It is not really a question about is he worth $20M or not, it is do you want to be hard capped or not.  And even if you decide to do it, you still would have to be $20M under the cap at the time of the S&T in order to do it.  I am not sure if stretching Horford would get us there even if we were willing to accept being hard capped.

Stretching Horford would absolutely put us under the hard cap.  We’d have ~$30 million in space with 9 players under contract.  With Brunson via a S&T using the TPE that’d be 10 players with $13 million in space.  A couple of rookies from the draft/our stashed guys brings us to 12 players and ~$9 million.  That’s enough space for a couple of minimum salaries or guys making a bit above that via various exceptions to fill out the roster.

And I’m pretty confident if the team could get a starter level free agent on a long term deal via a S&T they’d be down with the hard cap for a season.  It’s not like ownership is clamoring to blow past the tax line anyway.  Sure it’s creates a constraint, but it can help you add a piece to your core, so it absolutely can be worth it.

It's highly doubtful we land him in FA with the Knicks interest. We'd need to trade for him and extend him. His contact demands being public suggest Dallas wants full value for him not his expiring contact value. I'm guessing they can get similar value for him that Orlando got for Aaron Gordon (Garry Harris, RJ Hampton and a FRPp) if they decide not to keep him. So for us the price could be something like Smart, Nesmith, FRP. (Edit: Although Dallas may ask for RW. I heard they were talking with Knicks about Robinson)

As far as contact, he is basically asking for Lonzo Ball money (starting pg $$) which seems reasonable.

If he makes it to free agency without being traded, the Knicks won’t be able to get him.  Yes, if the Knicks want to send a 1st and Mitchell Robinson to get him at the deadline, then good for them, we can’t (or shouldn’t) beat that.  But I don’t think the Mavs move him at the deadline for picks and prospects.  They have a competitive team, and it’s why I think he’ll be available in free agency.

Re: Jalen Brunson for 80 million on the celtics?
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Hearing the man's aren't willing to go that high.

Link? Thanks.

I think Eric Pincus is the source of this rumor, which has had a game of telephone played with it.

Several competing executives (assuming Turner's injury isn't severe) believe the Mavericks are the favorite for Turner with Dwight Powell and one of Dorian Finney-Smith or Jalen Brunson. Dallas' willingness to part with Finney-Smith or Brunson may come down to each player's free-agent expectations.

Brunson faces a similar market, but the guard is believed by many to be seeking near a four-year, $80 million contract. That is a large number, especially for a player that several competing executives think is too big of a target defensively in the playoffs.

Pincus is someone with decent sources.

I don't think these executives are correct with this. Brunson is small and doesn't have great speed but he has a good build. He has a strong stocky build similar to Derek Fisher. He does better on switches onto bigger players than most other small guards.

He has more problem with speedster guards than he does on switches (both relative to his peers at the PG position).

This makes him less vulnerable to being attacked in the playoffs by opponents than most other small guards and leaves him closer to the middle of the pack defensively.

Re: Jalen Brunson for 80 million on the celtics?
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 Wow I've never soon Celtics blog 100% agree on anything.  Call Brad now and get the deal done! My 8000 post!

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