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An AD deal is essentially agreed upon with Tatum + Picks + some extra salary filler (Yabusele). But the Pelicans want another young player in return. Who do you deal?

42 (60%)
11 (15.7%)
Neither. That Would Be The Dealbreaker For Me (I'm Not Giving Up 2 Of Tatum/Brown/Smart)
17 (24.3%)

Total Members Voted: 70

Author Topic: Poll: In An AD Deal, If You 100% Have To, Who Do You Deal: Smart Or Brown?  (Read 2205 times)

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Thread and poll question explains it all. This is somewhat of an "extension" to the previous poll I had asking what path you'd prefer we take. And a TON of people voted re-sign Kyrie + trade for AD.

I know someone (I think @jambr380? - or if not, then I apologize as I forgot who exactly) posted a similar question like this back in January/February during the whole AD trade drama and near the trade deadline itself. But obviously, times have changed drastically since then.

So, we know the centerpieces of an AD deal is likely involving Tatum, Picks (about 3 total I imagine) and possibly someone like Yabusele simply for salary. But for salary-matching purposes and the needs of the Pelicans FO, another young player has to be involved (Smart or Brown). Who would you choose in that instance if you want to make the trade?

On one hand, I absolutely don't want to trade BOTH Brown + Tatum. On the other... it would suck to lose Smart who I see as the heart and soul of this team. Tough decision.

What would you guys do IF we go after AD in June/July?
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I cannot see either being dealt

But I guess I keep brown as he has more pitebtial and is younger than marcus.

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Do we think after this previous postseason, Brown actually has a higher trade value then Tatum lol?

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Haha - thanks for the credit Phantom. I was totally coming here to blast you for stealing my thread topic  ;D I was actually getting ready to reset the poll results to see where people stood now. TP for beating me to it.

For the record - the results on the last poll (took place at the end of January) had people preferring to send out Brown over Smart at 24-15. That is correct, more people preferred (at the time) to trade Brown than Smart. Perhaps with Brown's resurgence the number will skew in the other direction.

Other thread is below for reference:

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Brown will be the face of the franchise for us.
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If it absolutely, line in the Sand, had to be Tatum and either 1 of Smart/Brown probably biased but I think that the team needs Smart.

I think very highly of Jaylen Brown but a re-built, defined role Gordon Hayward is a rich inclusion to a team built around Kyrie and Davis. You could use the cap you save to sign Morrises. - bring in Chief Kief!

Smart is the piece that every Championship team needs. He could be the Iguodala of this team. He's locked into a fair contact and seems to be improving.

Jaylen could also price himself out of Boston since he should make top Dollar on his next contract. Even if New Orleans wouldn't want Jaylen himself, I'd imagine Atlanta would provide the right kind of assets to NOP for the chance to move in on Jaylen.

Again I think its in the teams best interests to keep Jaylen if possible, but that's what it takes to get Anthony Davis, pull the trigger.

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Smart- no offense
C/PF-Horford, Baynes, Noel, Theis, Morris,
SF/SG- Tatum, Brown, Hayward, Smart, Semi, Clark
PG- Irving, Rozier, Larkin

Offline CptZoogs

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Smart- no offense

None taken!    ;D

Online hpantazo

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I'm guessing the Pelicans will insist on both Tatum and Brown in a deal, along with picks. The choice won't be up to us if we want AD.

Talent-wise, Brown is the guy you would want to keep between him and Smart.

But, if the goal is a lineup of AD, Horford, Hayward and Kyrie, then guys like Smart and Morris fit much better into supporting roles for that group than guys like Brown and Tatum who want to get their own leading roles and big pay-days.

Chemistry-wise, moving Brown over Smart would make more sense.

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I used to be very picky of letting Tatum go, but he can go for all I care now. This season he's been a disappointment, so I guess the Pelicans can have him. Too much workout from Kobe Bryant, badly influencing his game. The top 3 picks of the 2017 draft are looking pretty meh now.

As for the question, it's time to let Smart go. Admirable defense but his offense is very inconsistent. I do get tired of watching him go 1-6 from 3-point range pretending he's Steph Curry. Brown at least has both offense and defense features.

Offline gpap

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Wouldn't matter to me. For AD, no one should be off the table.

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WHoops - voted Brown, meant to vote Smart. Marcus is the heart and soul of the team, but if hes traded in the offseason, others will step up. The group can collectively add a bit more grit. We can make do.

At this point Id almost prefer to keep Brown over Tatum in an AD trade. Brown is a better defender, more athletic, plays better off the ball and I think would be a perfect guy to slot in that starting role with AD/Kyrie/Hayward/Horford.
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Offline rondofan1255

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Trade Smart, easily

He is what he is, Ceiling capped

Offline Neurotic Guy

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Wouldn't matter to me. For AD, no one should be off the table.

I agree.  And as much as I understand the huge gamble of not knowing whether AD will or won't leave in a year, what is the next feasible opportunity to get a top 5 player on this team?  The answer is... there isn't one.  I am leaning to Davis or Bust.  Meaning: play the Davis card (with or without Kyrie) with whatever it takes to get him and Plan B is back to cap space and lottery.   A little depressing, but I think no AD (and no KI) means mediocrity which is generally worse than pure rebuild IMO.

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I value Brown over Smart but I could see it being Brown to save on not giving up the Grizzly pick.