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the recruiting process and one and done
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Did this infect the system and allow parents,coaches and administrators to rationalize what they did.
Athletes got so much leeway and the system brought so much money into the sports system subsidizing the lesser sports and making the universities money and prestige Isn't tanking a form of fixing games for gain, a better place in draft.Isn't losing to get a better draw in playoffs or for match ups .Isn't that throwing a game.Kids going to school one year to further their draft position or picking programs for their national exposure.
Sponsors,loans ,no show jobs,cars agents and alumni.
The  sums of money players get as pros-The TV rights,commercials and sports betting its like a perverted fraternity.
And in the end we fans accept the product,watch the games with timeouts for commercials,feed into the media frenzy.
Gone are the days of walking home in below zero weather,in snow getting to practice or making the basketball team to get a pair of Converse All Stars that cost 8.00 dollars.
I played in the old Boston Garden in the Tech Tourney for " Rollie Massimino" a legend for his Villanova Final Four win and humbled at UNLV after inheriting the  recruiting scandal from Tarkanian era causing no TV time no NCAA tournaments and therefore no recruits.

82 games and playoffs stretching into June, Las Vegas loves it,TV loves it and the money rolls in
I can't even watch the Celtics with all the media distraction,trade deadline and free agency and super teams this year.
.Even worse the injuries pile up, 82 games playing two way basketball is insane.And this rant started over the corruption spawned by entrance requirements and parents subverting the process with money
-It seems we are all part of it.

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Re: the recruiting process and one and done
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There was a dark period of Celtics basketball and the NBA seemed like NBA wrestling FAKE-refs that protected stars and everybody would clear out and swap turns making highlite moves.It was last two minutes maybe  that teams dug in and played defense or once playoffs started.
I revolted and would only watch college ball and March Madness.
The Bird era was chippy and there was real dislike and fight in teams but it wasn't till Garnet instilled his drive did the Celtics recapture their defense and team identity that i came back-Ainge-Brad and Celtics basketball the last few years won games and players played hard and gave 110%.

Adam Silver its time to step in and protect the product from itself
.I forgot your part of the problem.


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