Author Topic: Trade Deadline Hangover till July 1-that is the weak link  (Read 231 times)

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Trade Deadline Hangover till July 1-that is the weak link
« on: February 10, 2019, 12:47:51 PM »

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The fact that Danny has to compete to get AD and give away so many pieces threatens everyone now, All the way to July 1.
The whole free agency thing has been warped by the trade deadline and LA's intent to trade the whole team,If Lebron and Magic spin this it will be a miracle.It's just business
Old man pumped up Lebron comes to LA and the brain trust wants to sell all of them.I loved the empty 3 seats and the Kuzma three with Lebron demanding the corner three and getting looked off .And now Magic flying to Philly.
Philly will annihilate them.Philly will annihilate us.
 That three point display against us was an outlier with even Rondo contributing..

The fans are the losers as the free agents plot with their agents.
The Celtics at least traded for Kyrie with Ainge facing the IT backlash and the Celt benefited from our coaches relationship with Hayward and Big Papi recommendation went a long way with Horford.

.I'm considering cancelling my League Pass  the NBA is busted as this hurtles into The Free Agency Convention that they call an All Star Game.

Our young kids face a similar fate as LA's for the next 6 months.They are just chips for Danny.
Vet leadership sounding off to the press, first Kyrie and now Morris.Our kids know how to win as they went to seventh game Eastern Finals with only Horford.
We suffered a lame duck starting 5 while playing Hayward and his play is still out of sync.He still doesn't trust in the air contact and can't finish like he wants so a lot of predictable pass outs..

Kyrie has been incredible with his defense and assists even rebounding.But he has been sulking and effected by all the head games.Durant lost it the other night about rumors.Now Morris.
NBA has turned into a three ring circus of non stop media.Everything is escalating with 100's of millions being thrown around.The inmates are running the asylum.

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Re: Trade Deadline Hangover till July 1-that is the weak link
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For the players, free movement had meant increased pay and more control for them. Good for them.

From a fans perspective, I'm not sure it's been good value for money. When a player can leave like his time in the city meant nothing, its hard to get too invested. So instead you invest in 'the team' but that just separates the players from the franchise identity even more. Having franchise players, guys who bleed for the city, is important from a fan perspective.

Its the modern age of sport, I'm not sure I like it. Its not a surprise to me that national level competitions don't suffer the same apathy. They have nowhere to go to!


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