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Re: Celtics (9-9) at Hawks (3-15) Game #19 11/23/18
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It was nice to get the W but imo we would've lost yesterday if we were playing a stronger opponent, especially with our lulls. Consistency is def still a big issue.

It was really nice to see Hayward playing with more confidence.

Yeah this is a fair assessment. I also like to think that because we were up big and had a back-to-back, CBS played the bench and 3rd stringers a lot more and IIRC, no one played more than 26 minutes (only 2 played 24-25 I believe - Rozier and Morris)

Tonight will be a big test and if we win on the road at Dallas (a pesky team that does well at home), then hopefully it's a sign that we're starting to figure things out and we're going to have a great stretch.

If not, then back to the drawing board and back to .500 again with more uneasiness.
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