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elite skill set
« on: August 18, 2018, 08:43:36 AM »

Offline rollie mass

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Just finished watching P3 video showing Robert Williams  elite lateral and jumping ability.
Brad Stevens seems to be able to pinpoint elite skills in people and place them to the teams advantage..Summer league we got to watch Bird shine  but my memory goes back always to his regular season back door cuts ,his quick elevation.Elite!!

Semi is still recovering from Hoop House last season to being thrown into lineup,missing his threes early in the year and getting called for touch fouls while drawing the toughest offensive stars. But he could switch and cover guards.Elite Lateral Elite Strength and Speed

Yabusele has the big body coupled with wingspan and agility for his size but no elite skill that could get him by Semi.His trajectory was more normal, where Brad used Semi, as lost as he was early for his elite skills that translated.
 Theis has elite length and defensive DNA-Switches and is excellent rolling to the basket.
 Baynes for his strong frame and positioning-draws charges and stays vertical.
Then the elite of the elite Williams and his 7-6 reach  and 12 foot standing jump coupled with lateral that rivals guards-this covers lots of mistakes .
This season should allow for considerable experimentation with different lineups from match ups  to end of game and scores
I suggest that our 2nd team will dominate opponents and build on leads given.
And there really are only two unknowns.  A Rookie with skills that can vault him into usage time.

We don't get to watch scrimmages and get only glimpses and reports from media on the other unknown. How this team meshes and all eyes will be on Hayward, Kyrie and Theis and there recoveries.
The depth will allow any of the returning players to ease on in but will they want that.

Re: elite skill set
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2018, 10:12:46 AM »

Offline rollie mass

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Nobody gets up like Williams-could he be used to cover an inbound passer side out with just enough time to get a shot off.
Or offensively some last ditch throw it up  attempt by like Marcus at end of quarters or as game ends like the Horford score-there are all sorts of last ditch plays  out of timeouts that he could effect.Nobody can get up where he does-lob it up and go get it
I took into account his poor free throw shooting with last ditch efforts and little time on the clock.

Re: elite skill set
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i have been of the mind that williams will be fighting crustacean for most of this upcoming season.

however, as pointed by rollie above, semi ojeleye actually got playing time, during important minutes, on a team that was a game from being in the conference finals. think about that. semi who could not shoot, was a rookie, and has limited skills in general.

but, with CBS semi not only played, he contributed in the one area he is very, very good. (or "elite" in rollie-ese.  ;D )

so, is it possible that williams will also play valuable minutes in a very specifically defined set of roles? yes it is. the more i see what CBS can do, the bigger believer i become.

i really am ready for the season to begin folks.
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