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The best trade that never happened might have been James Harden for Kendrick Perkins. In 2018 it literally translates to  League mvp traded for worst player in the league, but it was discussed as a serious trade in 2010-2011
an interesting element came out of ESPN’s Bill Simmons’ podcast with Boston radio broadcaster Sean Grande. As SBNation’s Mike Prada noted: The Celtics began talks with the Thunder not for Jeff Green, but for James Harden. You know, the James Harden that has been en fuego since the trade deadline and has become a legitimate third playmaker for the Thunder and a nightmare for opponents? That James Harden?

Getting past how incredible it is that Presti continues to make the right move no matter what the evidence tells him to (and the evidence would have told him Harden was an acceptable price for Perkins prior to the trade deadline), we’ve got an interesting What If question here. How would Harden have impacted the Celtics?

Well, for one, it would have given them another distributor and playmaker who could drive, lessening the impact of Rajon Rondo’s injury. It would have provided a younger defender to sick on Dwyane Wade who did the most damage. And it would have given them a versatile building block who could have really learned behind Ray Allen and Paul Pierce while being the young cornerstone they need without the inconsistencies and dreaded “tweener” label Jeff Green comes with. In short, it would have been better all around. It may not have made the difference in a Celtics win or loss against the Heat, but you have to think Harden would have given them more than Green, who didn’t seem to adjust to life in the Celtics’ locker room after years in the warm bosom of the OKC locker room.

Actual LOL at that bit.  Man, Presti had an incredible drafting run and overall rebuild but his reputation has fallen off a lot since.

Exactly. He could have kept Harden instead of Westbrook, and that probably would have kept Durant there.

He made some good picks, but he’s not infallible.

That is a quote from what, 2011? He had Durant, Green, Westbrook, Ibaka, and Harden. And he was only able to keep Westbrook? Meh...


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