What injury does James Suffer?

Car runs a red light, James gets hit and bounces off windshield
5 (14.7%)
Pulls his Pectoral muscle after draining a three pointer
1 (2.9%)
3 (8.8%)
Piano drops on his toe when helping a friend move
2 (5.9%)
Ruptured Spleen
1 (2.9%)
Foot stuck in a bear trap
2 (5.9%)
Inflammation of the natal cleft
3 (8.8%)
Menstrual Cramps
16 (47.1%)
Broken Hand from punching a wall in frustration
1 (2.9%)

Total Members Voted: 25

Author Topic: LeBron James Suffers what Injury YET stays in the Game (albeit dramatic agony)  (Read 1591 times)

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Do any of these self called Celtics fans know the story behind the wheel chair with Pierce? He didn't ask for it one of the trainers grabbed it and told him to sit in so he didn't put any weight on it. I don't recall any trainers running on to the court to tell Lebron to act like he got shot 5 times a game. Big difference between what Lebron does on a regular basis then what happened once with Pierce. Pretty sad when Celtics fans defend Lebron's many antics over one Pierce incidence that again he didn't ask for.
I suppose the time he rolled up to a press conference with a massive bandage wrapped around his head is better evidence

That would probabaly be a better example but I thought he did that more out of immaturity so it justified him getting tossed from the game. Remember he was hit and he reacted like an idiot and got tossed during an important part of the game. Tried to come out with the bandage to embellish the hit so it justified his action .

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Iím with you guys...but one of our all time greats once left in a wheel chair and came back and played in the same game...not sure we can really complain too loudly about lebrons theatrics....

I would've done the same type of poll for Paul Pierce. These theatrics are stupid regardless.

Oh donít get me wrong I think your poll is hilarious.  I just canít Focus too much on it myself bc of Paul (and Iím sure at the time I defended him). Consistency is key.
Paul was for sure a drama queen but I feel obliged to mention that 1) the wheel chair was not his call and 2) he did suffer a partially torn MCL on the play.

And at least Pierce came off the court for a few minutes, lending validation to the idea that he'd actually gotten hurt somehowówhereas LeBron acted seriously hurt but stayed in the game and almost immediately started making cuts without any evidence of pain or injury.
It reminded me of his "injury" at the end of the '16 finals after he got fouled going up for the dunk.
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What the hell is this thread?
i have no idea. and the poll choices border on gibberish.
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What the hell is this thread?
i have no idea. and the poll choices border on gibberish.

If you take them literally sure. Find yourself some creativity and itís rather humorous.
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No anvil on head?

Offline mef730

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No anvil on head?

Depends. Is that before or after he goes running off the end of the cliff, but doesnít fall until he realizes that there is nothing under him?

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Overinflated ego



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Drama queen

he broke a finger nail and its nation news

He is NOT my national treasure , i could care less about him .....sooner he is gone the better

# 1 sounds good ....how about a cement mixer instead of car runs over him ?

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If cavs are losing by 20 with 2 minutes to go, i wouldnt be surprise if he heads into the locker room
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Oh please, the car would bounce off of HIM ;) ;D.

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His knee is definitely going to be sore today

He knows game 6 was his last win as a Cav

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And how long do we have to wait for before he returns from the game from said injury?

About as long as Paul Pierce

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No one picked broken hand.

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Alopecia?  I thought that was Hawaiian for "God bless you!"

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What the hell is this thread?
i have no idea. and the poll choices border on gibberish.

Totally agree....one does one questionable act and their [dang]ed for life. Totally ridiculous! We'll be reading about this 30 years from now....at the very least it will be CB fodder for the entire summer.

I exercise on a semi-regular basis. Don't know how many times a mild or bothersome pain develops in a joint, Then, miraculously it disappears in a few minutes later.

Even if he exaggerated a bit...who cares. He needed a break.


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