Author Topic: Cavaliers (3-3) at Celtics (3-3) ECF Game 7 5/27/18  (Read 26230 times)

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Re: Cavaliers (3-3) at Celtics (3-3) ECF Game 7 5/27/18
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I really thought when Tatum put a poster on Lebron THEN hit a 3 to give the C's a 72-71 lead, that maybe it was meant to be.

NOPE. Brown loses Green in the corner who hits a wide open 3, then we chuck up a bad shot, and on the other end Lebron passes to Thompson who walks to an easy dunk SMH.

Brutal. Great playoff run from the C's, but still felt like an awful way to end it. Lot of guys just didn't show up tonight.

The Cavs responded to every spurt of momentum the Celtics got.  I loved the Tatum sequence.  I think back to Morris’ that put us up 3, then Smith immediately responding with his own.
Tatum gave LeBron a little bump who looked backed at Tatum as if to say, "Kid, you haven't done SQUAT to disrespect me, I'll show you who you are dissing".  That was a turning point, just an immature move by Tatum.
Ya, after that point, Lebron went on to score 6 points in 6 minutes on 1-3 shooting.  Such a mistake by Tatum.  ;)

Re: Cavaliers (3-3) at Celtics (3-3) ECF Game 7 5/27/18
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You could see in lebrons face that Tatum poked the beehive with a baseball bat


Re: Cavaliers (3-3) at Celtics (3-3) ECF Game 7 5/27/18
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I loved what I saw from Tatum on that play. All we had to do was have a few guys hit some open shots and it just didn't happen. It's about time someone took it to LeBron and want to see it more and more next year as the kid tries to show him his age.

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Re: Cavaliers (3-3) at Celtics (3-3) ECF Game 7 5/27/18
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Why did Van Gundy and Jackson keep saying how great of a block it was by LeBron on Rozier? It was clearly a foul on the arm. Replay after replay showed that. Yes, it was a GREAT attempt at a block but hey refs he fouled his arm. Can you imagine the turn of events if they call the foul instead of a block?

Dood, Lebron is like Jordan, Pippen, Magic, Worthy, Cooper, and Kareem, etc. - he just doesn't foul ::). Did you somehow miss the memo, lol? ;D

Honestly, I just don't understand as to why people continue to complain about the officials and Lebron in any game, but especially in one such as this. Just laugh it off, because you're never going to get a fair shake. Well, at least that's been my approach for quite a while, now, anyway, lol ;D.


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