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Re: Celtics (2-0) at 76ers (0-2) Round 2 Game #3 5/5/18
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Tatum was an astonishing +24 in the game tonight- beyond incredible

It truly is remarkable.  I've been saying all season that I honestly think Tatum is close to as talented as Durant was as a rookie. I  live in Seattle and watched Durant a ton his rookie year (Brown actually reminds me a ton of young Jeff Green back then, but that's a different story).  Durant shot terribly that rookie year.  Like 42% from the field and 29% from three, but he had a green light to shoot as much as he wanted.  I imagine the reps helped his development.

That was the concern with Tatum... that being part of such a loaded roster might stunt his development.  I worried that he wouldn't get the reps and wouldn't get the necessary confidence.  The silver lining of the injuries is that Tatum is now getting an opportunity to be one of the main guys on this team on the big stage.  A huge amount of responsibility has fallen on him.  And the kid is meeting and exceeding expectations.

He's now averaging 18.1 points, 4.7 rebounds, 3 assists, 1.3 steals with 45%/30.7%/82.6% shooting in 10 playoff games.

Compare that to Durant's rookie season where he averaged 20.3 points, 4.4 rebounds, 2.4 asssits, 1 steal with 43%/29%/87% shooting for a 20 win Sonic team.

Tatum genuinely has a shot to end up a true superstar.  We haven't had a true superstar prospect since Bird.  Loved Pierce, but his ceiling wasn't as high as Tatum.  It's exciting.  And most importantly it means Boston could reasonably have their 4th star to pair with Kyrie, Hayward and Horford.   Our only hope of competing with the 4-star Warriors is to have one of our young guys develop into a star as well.   When you also consider the contributions of Brown and Rozier (or moving those guys for Kawhi), it makes our future pretty darn interesting.

That Jeff Green comparison to Jaylen Brown is so lazy and inaccurate. Jaylen Brown is a killer, Jeff Green is food!

Totally agree. Almost nothing like Green.

Agree with LB that Tatum is best prospect since Bird. Maybe Reggie could have approached superstar status one day..
That Brown comment was put there to passively aggressively stir the pot and get a reaction.

Don't feed him......oh, I mean into it.
nah. Iím talking about green during his first couple years in the league.  He looked like he could be really good some day.  Well before he went to Boston and had a heart condition.  I expect brown surpass green.  Second year green was pretty similar to 2nd year brown.

2nd year green:  17 points 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, 45%/39%/79% shooting

2nd year brown:  14 points 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 streal, 46%/39%/65% shooting

Ya the numbers are similar, but f you look at Jeff greens numbers and Tatums playoff numbers you could very easily say "Oh wow those numbers are really close except Jeff was a better rebounder!" The point being that the numbers Jeff and Jaylen have posted are absoluetly meaningless when trying to predict their future development. I mean you could just as easily say Jaylen has very similar number to Paul George and be equally right, so is Jaylen Paul George or Jeff green?

The major criticisim about Jefff Green is that he lacks killer instinct, or drive. Jaylen clearly has both of those in spades. Now if Jaylen peaks and never gets any better as a plyer then we can go ahead and make that compariosn, but for now I don't seee it. I mean look no further than their shot profiles. Jeff green shot 55% of his shots from 0-3 feet or 3 point range. For Jaylen that number is 72%. They guard different positions. They don't play the same type of game at all.

Re: Celtics (2-0) at 76ers (0-2) Round 2 Game #3 5/5/18
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I think, despite some glaring flaws, PHI will play the game of their lives and take Game 4 (though not in blowout fashion, but still a solid win).

BUT then Boston will take care of business at home in Game 5.

You can tell this PHI team is gassed and also demoralized too. I saw Embiid complaining about foul calls and Brett Brown's statements about "being in good spirits" and that "things just happen" as a sign of that. Brett Brown is also taking a pretty big blow in this series, although it's not entirely his fault. Stevens is just greater, and frankly some guys (looking at Simmons) aren't executing that well.
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Re: Celtics (2-0) at 76ers (0-2) Round 2 Game #3 5/5/18
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Someone needs to fix these forums with the often "can't connect to database" crap.


You guys cutting a check?

Well, on that regard... unless I've missed something, I've never seen a concerted effort to get donations. I'm sure plenty would consider donating if it's easy to do (with options of anonymity) and would guarantee a lot of improvement on forum performance.

Just a thought.

Re: Celtics (2-0) at 76ers (0-2) Round 2 Game #3 5/5/18
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one of the youngest rosters in the league

a team built for the future

that is ready to win now

C us rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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