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Re: Stephen A. Smith Telling Us Why Jaylen Brown Is A KEEPER
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Yeah, from Youtube I watched First Take clips today at my work and in my free time from classes, and they ACTUALLY talked about the Celtics today. Their discussion was about Bledsoe's comment and remark about Rozier.


But within that debate and trashing of 'Drew' Bledsoe (LOL), Stephen A. Smith also says "The star of this series has been my man, Jaylen Brown"  ;D

He also mentions how he's spoken to Jaylen before and how Jaylen is extremely confident and tells SAS to "keep sleeping on us [Celtics]" and how he doesn't care how good Lebron is and that the C's can win it all, no problem.

Now of course, that was before Kyrie/Hayward got injured, but Jaylen is still showing up and has averaged 25 PPG/5 RPG while also playing great defense in the first two games. Celtics meanwhile could still make the 2nd round, and hey, maybe even the ECF (IF MIA advances instead of PHI).

But this shows me that the sky is the limit for Brown, he's fearless and confident, and that he's not Kawhi 2.0, but Jaylen 1.0  8)

And all that talk that "Jaylen can't shoot", well looks like we can put that to rest. And his 3 point shooting is already looking WAY better than Jimmy Buckets, who we thought was the ceiling for Brown, but now it looks like it could be someone like Kawhi (w/more athleticism).

Thx.  Typical band wagon jumper, that SAS.

Why are you so worried about the Sixers?  I think we match up very well vs. them.  I would take Celts in a series over the Sixers .
To be fair, he mentioned that Jaylen Brown was COMING after the first game of the season.

Yeah, and Max Kellerman also thinks Boston's future is bright. Should be a nice three-team race in the East with Toronto-Boston-Philadelphia for years to come (assuming Lebron leaves CLE and either goes PHI or goes out West).

With a healthy Irving, Hayward plus this unit that is learning at a rapid speed

Celts will be better than Toronto/76ers. Book it

While I would not book it against the 6ers I absolutely agree the C's are better then Tornoto.  The 6ers with Embiid, Simmons and Fultz are going to be dynamic.  Add in the 10 pick this year and their youth is outstanding.  They will have the ability to sign a star and have the ammo to add AD.  Imagine AD and Embiid on the same team.  I hope I never have to.

Embiid, Simmons, Fultz(hmm maybe), Saric

vs Hayward, Irving, Tatum, Brown, Rozier, Horford

I think Celts have the numbers

Of course, we also have to see if Lebron goes to Philly, OR if Philly trades for Leonard (though that would also come at the expense of Saric, Fultz I suppose).

But yeah I like our depth as well.

Re: Stephen A. Smith Telling Us Why Jaylen Brown Is A KEEPER
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JB is blowing up in the playoffs.  I'm loving what I'm seeing from him and looking forward to seeing him continue to step it up!

Re: Stephen A. Smith Telling Us Why Jaylen Brown Is A KEEPER
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Youth quads: 

Boston: Brown, Tatum, Rozier, Smart

Philly: Embiid, Simmons, Saric, Fultz

LAL: Ball, Ingram, Kuzma, Randle

With Brown, Tatum, and TR emergence over the last quarter of the season without Kyrie and Smart on the court, I think Boston is #2 of the above.   Philly has the edge, IMO.

Jaylen has made astounding progress.  Hope it continues tonight.

Re: Stephen A. Smith Telling Us Why Jaylen Brown Is A KEEPER
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have people been saying Jaylen can't shoot?


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