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Sports crimes
« on: February 20, 2018, 08:42:34 AM »

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I absolutely could not figure out where to put this. I figured if you wanted to discuss OJ or something you could do it here.

At any never occurred to me Rae Carruth would get out of jail. It occurred to me even less that he might want custody of his son.  It's a pretty sad read.

Re: Sports crimes
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How did Carruth only getting 18-24 years while the shooter gets a minimum of 40 years?  That's just wrong unless the shooter was a contract killer. 

Re: Sports crimes
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What an absolute piece of garbage.

The scumbag wants custody of his son who has been struggling with cerebral palsy that most likely was a direct result of the attempt on his life that Carruth was responsible for.  Some nerve.

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Re: Sports crimes
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Well, he said he's sorry. Doesn't that count?  >:(
Maybe it's the way i'm reading it, but he sounds like a self centered jerk. I'm not sensing any real remorse or responsibility on his part. Why he would ever get out of prison is beyond me.


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