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DVR Question -- Please Help
« on: November 26, 2017, 04:13:52 PM »

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I am not tech savvy (understatement), but I used to know how to record games with a VHS or DVD recorder. But I don't understand the world of DVR.   I RARELY record and that won't change -- only a Celtics or Pats game very rarely (maybe 5 times a year).  To get DVR service through my cable provider I'd need to upgrade my SD to HD and purchase a DVR subscription which would cost about $20/month.

TIVO looks like it costs $300 and requires a subscription.

But...I saw a DVR advertised called "AverMedia-EZRecorder".  It's $100 and doesn't seem to require any subscription.  I am sure I am missing something -- I suspect there are more costs associated or perhaps there are restrictions on what it can record??  I can't figure it out.

Since I am not going to subscribe to DVR service thru my cable company, are there any true low-cost options for someone who just wants to make a "once in a blue moon" recording off of cable TV?   


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