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 Paul Milsap

Height no shoes 6' 6.25" 258 pounds 7' 1.5" wingspan 8'9" SR

Measured in the Summer of 2015 at 6'7" without shoes, 7'1.5" wingspan and 8'9" standing reach.

 So there body's are very similar. Both viewed as undersized scoring forwards with plus Athleticism and shooting ability and extra strong.

 Milsap turned out to be a great defender he's worlds better than Yabu but probably a better best case scenario than Draymond Green. Yabu will never be Green, but he could be poor man's Milsap.

Good find. Almost exactly the same. Makes you think - I for one didn't think of them being so physically alike.

Yabu's big butt looks like he's got post-up potential.  In today's game he'll have to pass out of the post - that looks possible for him. If he can guard backup 5's, and especially if he can defensive rebound like a big, then he's that much more valuable and can perhaps get in the rotation.

KGLL - yet another thread of yours worth reading through. Well done, friend.

 TP Painted. I forgot to add Yabu is 270 pounds ...

The difference is all in his butt.
No kidding!  For such similar measurables, they do have different body types.  Millsap carries his weight better, more normal proportions.  Guys like Yabu jump out to me as injury risks.

I was being slightly facetious about his butt, but in fact one reason that it's so prominent is that his pelvis tilts forward a fair amount. That tends to correlate with low foot arches, which increases the risk for things like what he's just had surgery for. 

In my opinion, his unique game makes it well worth the risk.

To be continued!

Re: Yabu comparison Paul Milsap
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I hope he can exceed expectations like Millsap has. I also think Draymond Green is a wacky comp for Yabu.
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Re: Yabu comparison Paul Milsap
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His footwork is reminiscent of Millsap.
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