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Re: Celtics (2-0) vs Sixers (1-1) Vegas SL Game 3 7/11/17
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Good to see Ante getting it.

Bird has played well and is more efficient than guys like Nader.   I think he has earned a two way contract, he can  shoot and is bouncy.

Semi has improved a lot since the first game.

Tatum continues to impress.
Tatum was good in spurts, but had some really, really bad reads. Seems to like the pull-up jumper an awful lot, and didn't look great in isolation when they cleared out the side and gave the play time to develop.

I only saw parts of the other games, so perhaps he had a bad night?
Yeah, he was tired, especially in the 2nd half where the ball was hitting the front rim, but the larger point is he still has a ways to go, lots of little things to learn on offense and defense too.  Still, you can see the greatness.  This is going to take some time.


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