Author Topic: Which position will your MyPlayer play in 2k17?  (Read 4378 times)

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Re: Which position will your MyPlayer play in 2k17?
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I always make 2 players. One is a max height athletic rim protecting and roll man center able to make a respectable pass. (Our park and online play revolves around me and 2-4 3pt shooters where everyone can pass.

Then I also model one after myself. I make a 6'4 sg who can play defense, pass and cut to the rim. Decent mid range j, but unable to hit 3s. I always go to the celtics with this character, and play second banana to IT4. Fun times. Apparently this game is going to be making it alot more customizeable instead of the stupid bundled upgrade system they have had the first few years. Aka you can make a center atleast competent at hitting free throws without also spending the vc on the 3pt shot.
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