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Here, each of the GMs representing a team in the Atlantic Division will provide an introduction to their team.

For those participating, the opening blurbs can include some or all of the following:

1. Roster/depth chart
2. Statistics
3. Pictures
4. Statement regarding drafting philosophy (building for the future, contending now, etc.)
5. Toughest decision
6. Best move (trade, pick, etc.) / worst move
7. Your outlook for this coming season

It can be as substantial or as abbreviated as you want it to be. These threads are open to all members, not just those posters who participated in the draft. The more participation we get, the better.


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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Atlantic Division press conferences (Wednesday 8/17)
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Giannis Antetokounmpo and Devin Booker
Danilo Gallinari and Amir Johnson
Nerlens Noel

Allen Crabbe and Nemanja Bjelica

Cameron Payne, Willy Hernangomez, Alex Abrines, Chris McCullough, Dorell Wright, Sam Dekker, and Dejounte Murray

Athletic, dynamic guys across the roster and guys playing out of traditional positions everywhere. This may just be the most Wiggle team ever assembled.


Pretend Sam Hinkie can spell Antetokounmpo, Bjelica, and Hernangomez, while some of you get tripped up on Dorell.


Amir Johnson has the second shortest wingspan of the 76ers starting five at 6’11. The 76ers NEARLY covered the full 22'9" to the three point arc with their first three picks: Gallo at 7'1", #PointGiannis at 7'3", and Noel at 7'4".

Length Kills.
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Atlantic Division press conferences (Wednesday 8/17)
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DeMarcus Cousins, Center
Height: 6'11''/ 2.11m
Weight: 270 lbs./ 122.5 kg
26.9   11.5   3.3

Kelly Olynyk, Power Forward
Height: 7'0''/ 2.13m
Weight: 238 lbs./ 108 kg
PTS   REB   AST   
10   4.1   1.5   
Omri Casspi, Small Forward
Height: 6'9''/ 2.06m
Weight: 225 lbs./ 102.1 kg
PTS   REB   AST   
11.8   5.9   1.4   

Andrew Wiggins, Shooting Guard
Height: 6'8''/ 2.03m
Weight: 199 lbs./ 90.3 kg
PTS   REB   AST   
20.7   3.6   2   

Kris Dunn, Point Guard
Height: 6'3''/ 1.91m
Weight: 205 lbs./ 93 kg
PTS   REB   AST   
16.4   5.3   6.2
**College Stats   

Primary Bench Rotation
Jerryd Bayless, G – 28.9 MPG, 10.4 PPG, 3.1 APG, .437 3P%
Nene Hilario, F/C – 19.2 MPG, 9.2 PPG, 4.5 RPG
Greivis Vasquez, G – 20.0 MPG, 5.7 PPG, 4.0 APG
Kris Humphries, PF – 15.8 MPG, 6.5 PPG, 4.1 RPG

Reserves/Situational Players
Chase Budinger, F
Deyonta Davis, C
Skal Labissière, F
Caron Butler, F
Nik Stauskas, SG
Demetrius Jackson, PG

THE FOUNDATION: A dominant, physically gifted center paired with a dynamic, freakishly athletic wing. No, I’m not talking about a young Shaq and Kobe… I’m talking about DeMarcus Cousins and Andrew Wiggins.

Cousins is an all-around basketball player – he can score from just about anywhere on the floor, rebound the ball on both ends, facilitate for his teammates, and defend the paint. After extending his range and hitting a career high 33% in 3FG, he posted a career high 26.9 per game in just 32 minutes.

Wiggins is a little less established but is poised to take the next step after posting a career high 20.7 points per game last season. Wiggins isn’t a conventional shooter, but he explodes into the lane and cuts to the rim for high percentage shots.

Rounding out the starting lineup are two of the best shooting forwards in the league, Kelly Olynyk (41% 3FG) and Omri Casspi (41% 3FG). Both of these guys are high character and hardworking and will be a boon to our locker room.

Kris Dunn is the most NBA-ready defender from this year’s draft class. Dunn will be the starting point guard opening night, and we will look to him to provide bulldog defense on opposing point guards night in and night out. Offensively, he is a work in progress and we will allow him time to develop behind Cousins and Wiggins. But with his ballhandling ability, explosive athleticism, and his well-documented work ethic, we expect Dunn to take a lot of the league by surprise this season.

BENCH MOB: Our primary bench rotation consists of savvy, high BBIQ veterans in Nene Hilario, Kris Humphries, Jerryd Bayless, and Greivis Vasquez. Bayless in particular will see heavy minutes in the rotation, allowing us to play a small ball lineup featuring Cousins/Casspi/Wiggins/Bayless/Dunn. We expect Nene to be Cousins primary backup, but he will also play next to Cousins when the situation calls for it. Vasquez will see court time in the backcourt with Bayless and Dunn, but will also be counted on showing the rookie the ropes. Humphries' junkyard dog persona and high effort rebounding will fit right in with this group.

LONG-TERM VIEW: With a relatively young core in Cousins (26), Wiggins (21), and Dunn (22), Brooklyn invested in some low risk/high reward talent at the back of the draft with Deyonta Davis (19), Skal Labissière (20), Nik Stauskas (22) and Demetrius Jackson (21). These guys’ primary goal will be to learn from our group of vets, led by Chase Budinger and NBA champion and 2x All-Star Caron Butler. This is a group of youngsters with tremendous upside, but require a little more attention. We believe Coach Atkinson is up to the task.
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Indiana Pacers
PG: D.Russell, P.Mills, A.Holiday, E.Simner
SG: V.Oladipo, C.Joseph, S.Hicks, D. Reed
SF: D. McDermott, A.Crabbe
PF: T. Young, T. Leaf, K. O'Quinn
C: M. Turner, D. Sabonis

Re: 2016 CB Draft: Atlantic Division press conferences (Wednesday 8/17)
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PG: Tony Parker/Mo Williams/Shabazz Napier
SG: Alec Burks/Manu Ginobili/KJ McDaniels
SF: Al Farouq-Aminu/Jared Dudley/Tony Snell
PF: Dirk Nowitzki/JaMychal Green
C:  Deandre Jordan/Roy Hibbert/Alex Len

Drafting Philosophy:
Win now. Period.

I have assembled this team to be competitive now, win proven championship talent supported by athletic two way high IQ basketball players as well as young talent waiting to develop with great mentors around them to make it happen.

Tony Parker, Dirk Nowitzki, Manu Ginobili, and Mo Williams are proven championship winning veterans who know how to deliver in the clutch. Old? Sure they might be old. But these guys win.

Dirk: Dirk's game isn't going to decline offensively and his defensive flaws are already known. He still provides 18 and 7 a game on 36% three point shooting and a 19# per. Those stats aren't going to drop and he still provides the clutch shooting and offense a winning team needs.

Tony: Sure Tony Parker is up there as well but we need a point guard to run Brad Stevens offense and with Tony Parker on the board in the third round, you take him. He shoots the three at 42% and 49% overall. His high IQ game, heady decision making, and ability to shoot will coincide perfectly with Brad's style of play.

Aminu: Very happy to pick up the youth of Aminu. Aminu is just 25 and gives the starting 5 some valuable two way presence. He upped his 3 point shooting to 36% last year and provides the team with a guy who can guard the other teams best opposing win player. he is only going to improve especially in a system where he won't be asked to be a 1,2 or 3 option.

Jordan: Was lucky enough to be auto drafted one of the best defenders and rebounders in the league in Deandre. With the spacing that the starting five provides, Jordan will be allowed to do what he does best on offense, crash the boards, get easy garbage buckets and make backdoor cuts for alley oops. His presence in the middle allows some defensive pressure off of Dirk and provides the exact type of center the team will thrive with. Can you imagine Deandre playing for Stevens?

Burks: Burks was my under the radar snag in the late rounds. Kid can ball. If he stays healthy. Burks has proven he can score, shoot 41% from three in his 31 games last year and a career 36% overall, and play solid defense. best part is he is a tall guard for his position who can use his length against opposing wings. Extremely happy to have him and Aminu on the wings for this team with Deandre as their quarterback.

The Bench

Obviously Roy Hibbert's value is low. Fact of the matter is he'll be playing 15ish minutes a game behind Deandre in a role that suits him perfectly. Despite what your view point on Hibbert is he still gives you a block and a half a game and is a specialist on the defensive end. Playing limited minutes with reduce his flaws.

Jared Dudley is one of the games best locker room character guys, and best stretch 3 point shooters. He is what he is. A stretch 3/4 who can defend 4-5 positions and hit the long ball at a high rate. His presence on the bench and on the court will be immensely impactful for Steven's system.

Mo Williams is a proven scorer and winner off the bench who isnt afraid to shoot at high volumes and can still drop a big game on the opponent when it matters most.

Manu Ginobili can play with Parker, Burks, Williams, run the point, run the 2. Yes again he's old. But his veteran presence won't be overlooked here. He gives the system another ball handler and exquisite passer to provide the flow and rhythm of the system. oh...and the lefty shot 39% from three last year.

Green had a nice year in Memphis and has proven he can provided very good bench minutes with his athleticism and tough play.

McDaniels gives us an athletic bodied guard to go out in defensive spurts. Len is a tough nosed young center with extreme potential. Snell gives us another athlete on the wing. And Napier gives us some youth ball handling in the back court.

Imagine this team playing withing Brad Steven's system? I am drooling at the though of Brad working with proven veteran champions and the junk yard dog youth. The balance is amazing on this team and that's what I looked for when picking each player.

Best move: Drafting Alec Burks and RoY Hibbert so late in the draft.

This is a playoff team no question. No top 5/10 players but this systemized team would not be fun to play in any playoff series.

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CB Draft 2016:
PG:Tony Parker/Mo Williams
SG:Alec Burks/Manu Ginobili
SF:Al Farouq-Aminu/Jared Dudley/Tony Snell
PF:Dirk Nowitzki/JaMychal Green
C: Deandre Jordan/Roy Hibbert/Alex Len

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Toronto Raptors

pg: Steph Curry, Marcus Smart, Kay Felder
sg: Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Ray Allen
sf: James Johnson, Jaylen Brown, Mike Dunleavy, Paul Pierce
pf: Patrick Patterson, Carl Landry, Ersan Illyasova, Bobby Portis, Kevin Garnett, James Johnson
c: Brook Lopez, Patrick Patterson, Bobby Portis, Kevin Garnett

The Elite Talents
Steph Curry is ready to become the first player to three-peat NBA MVPs since Larry Legend 30 years ago.  At 28, he is at his peak, and ready to win another championship with this team comprised of both experienced veterans and tough, athletic young players.

Brook Lopez is good for 20 pts, 8 rebounds, and almost 2 blocks. His defense isn't great. That's ok though, because this team has a bunch of long, athletic wings that can take pressure off, especially on the perimeter. It will be hard to come up with a better scoring tandem of Lopez and Curry in this league.

The Glue Guys
Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown will both be Curry's junkyard dogs. That means they will annoy every guard/wing that they play, being able to let Curry do his magic on the offensive end. Smart has shown strong leadership traits, especially on the defensive end. Brown is a freak athlete that will be able to get to the rim in this spread-out, small ball system.

James Johnson is a very underrated wing/power forward that still has not hit his peak. After posterizing Andre Drummond, he remarked, "That was nasty, right? I cocked that joint back and banged on him!" At 250 lbs, he will be asked to bring intensity on both sides of the ball.

Patrick Patterson is another underrated and fiery competitor. A glue guy for the Raptors recent playoff push, Patterson fits in very well with talented scorers such as Curry and Lopez. He can stretch the floor (over 36% from 3's), but also can bring the soul to the hole like JJ above. From his Tribune article, "We the North. What does that mean? We’re going to show you."

Bobby Portis has shown flashes of elite talent, so much that it looks like he will get his shot to play major minutes by beating out Taj Gibson in the other basketball league he plays in. At 6'11, Portis is also a promising stretch 4, though he can mix it up down low as well. A high-upside, high character player that will make many teams wish they had drafted him.

The Big Three
KG, Paul, and Ray were picked to provide mentorship. They will all get most of the regular season to rest, while they prepare themselves to play extended minutes in the playoffs (though most likely not more than 15 minutes each, especially Allen). Ray is there to help Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown with their jump shot, Paul is there to guide Jaylen Brown on his handle, and KG will help Patterson, JJ, and Bobby Portis to realize their defensive potential. All three would like to retire as championship winners, so they are all eager to inspire, educate, and motivate the young guys.

The Other Guys
Illyasova is a very talented shooter for a man his size (6'10). Not many teams have such a talented scorer coming off the bench at his size.

Carl Landry has proven to be very effective in limited minutes. "I know my role," said Landry in an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer back in March. "I've got to be the vet guy that comes and gives knowledge that's always positive." At 32, he is a a team-first, positive contributor that can score down low or outside. He doesn't mind getting chippy with bigger players.

Kay Felder is a sparkplug off the bench. In the limited moments that Curry or Smart are not leading the offense, Felder will bring his quickness, agility, and jump shot to add value. He is a change-of-pace "Nate Robinson-like" player.

Mike Dunleavy is another tall player that can stand out by the 3pt line and drain shots when needed. He has hit many open shots in the NBA, and will continue to do so when called upon.

Team Philosophy

Get the ball in the hands of those who can score, and everyone else does what they can to be the best role players in the NBA. Smart, Brown, Patterson, JJ, and Portis will all be called upon to make the winning plays that do not show up in the box score. This team will stretch the floor and work out of the high post, with Lopez and his other bigs setting screens to either hit the open shot at the key, or kick out to an open shot on the perimeter. Spacing will be the key, but this should not be an issue as the Raptors have the top player in the NBA and one of the best offensive centers.

Curry, Lopez, and Smart will play big minutes, while the rest of the team (minus the big 3) will play anywhere from 15-25 minutes, depending on the matchup. The Raptors rely on both young and old, but the majority of the minutes will go to those players that are closer to their late 20's.

The Raptors are a mix of skill, finesse, and grinders that don't take defensive plays off.

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PG: D.Russell, P.Mills, A.Holiday, E.Simner
SG: V.Oladipo, C.Joseph, S.Hicks, D. Reed
SF: D. McDermott, A.Crabbe
PF: T. Young, T. Leaf, K. O'Quinn
C: M. Turner, D. Sabonis

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Is the voting still gonna happen?
2016 CelticsBlog Draft: Washington Wizards

PG: Darren Collison / Elfrid Payton / Tim Frazier
SG: Avery Bradley / Seth Curry
SF: Jae Crowder / Shaun Kilpatrick / Marcus Thornton
PF: LeBron James / Derrick Williams / JJ Hickson
C: Jusuf Nurkic / Meyers Leonard / Nikola Pekovic

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Is the voting still gonna happen?

from the main thread...

Important Announcement from Commish's office:

What is going on?  Did this just die before our eyes?

Well... yes and no.

The long-and-short of it is I'm simply unable to continue coordinating things.

Folks may have seen in anothr thread (and as I told the other volunteer-assistants-to-the-commish (NickAgneta, Evantime34, and The Walker Wiggle earlier today) that my wife has been having some health issues that led to an ER visit this weekend. Thankfully there's nothing critical or life-threatening. But that combined with being *slammed* at work means I'm just not able to set up the press conferences, voting for playoffs, playoff matchups and subsequent playoff voting.

I put to Nick, Evantime and Wiggle if one of them was interested in taking over or if we should just "call it". For what it's worth the original CBD was just the draft and maybe press conferences no voting.

The general consensus was that the best part of CBD is the draft itself -- and that the press conf/playoffs/voting is (a) a lot of work and (b) where some of the hyper competitive stuff comes out. We are also down at least 4 GMs (including me) since the start of the draft. So we were all fine letting things be, as disappointing as it might be.

All that being said, if someone else woudl like to take over from here and set up press conf., voting and playoffs --- be my guest. Sadly I won't be able to be very active, but other GMs may want to be -- and it's not like there's a rulebook you have to follow.

Again I'm really sorry for having to bail. The group of GMs has been really great this time and the discussions were all pretty respectful and thoguthful. it was a lot of fun to dust this CBD thing off! Maybe a group of us can start a bit earlier next summer to share the load of CBD 2017?

Ubuntu.... and TPs all around gents!!!!!
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Re: 2016 CB Draft: Atlantic Division press conferences (Wednesday 8/17)
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 Let's just get to the voting then. Anyone that agree's say I.


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