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Re: Report: Lee unhappy in Boston due to Rondo's play style
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Somebody Please tell me who Zach Lowe is??? If your going to report anything about me or go on shows talking about me INTERVIEW ME FIRST!!

From Courtney's Twitter.

Re: Report: Lee unhappy in Boston due to Rondo's play style
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Somebody Please tell me who Zach Lowe is??? If your going to report anything about me or go on shows talking about me INTERVIEW ME FIRST!!

From Courtney's Twitter.
Can't help but notice that he didn't deny it.  :P

Re: Report: Lee unhappy in Boston due to Rondo's play style
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Jason Terry alluded to some of the same issues, although more gently than Zach Lowe's quote about Lee:

“Don’t get me wrong,” he prefaced, “Rajon (Rondo) makes us the best we can possibly be.”

(You can just hear that BUT coming, can’t you?)

“But,” he continued, “now, having multiple ball-handlers out there, it’s just going to make us unpredictable. You don’t know who’s going to handle it. I think the wings are going to get out there and run a little harder. We should be able to play in transition a little more.”

I think it's fair to say that a lot of guys would like to play in a more open offensive system.

  It's fair to say that a lot of guys would like to take 20+ shots a game as well. That doesn't mean that would be best for the team. Terry even acknowledges that, although he'd like to have a bigger role in the offense, that having Rondo run the offense makes the team the best it can possibly be.

  By the way, from reading the article, how did you feel about the fairly clear inference in the article that at least some of the players were going to play harder and with more energy now? People here would be killing Rondo if he ever intimated something like that, now the players who haven't been putting in the effort get a pass because it's somehow Rondo's fault.

  By the way, I loved this quote:

“Now we really have to execute our game plan,” he said before Tuesday’s workout. “A lot of times Rajon was able to call his own game, and now we’ve really got to be in tune to what Doc’s saying in timeouts.

Great post. If Rondo ever said these things he would be run out of town on a rail. It makes me happy that these guys are going to really make an effort now, but guess what, their effort won't come near producing the results that Rondo does. Too bad they didn't play hard enough before Rondo got hurt.  ???

  Not only would Rondo get bashed for saying that, but he regularly gets attacked for not "bringing it" or playing with enough energy when those players stand around and the offense stagnates.

That might be because you perpetuate the myth throughout the blog that he relaxes in the regular season and then morphs into a mythical superhero in the postseason.  Those that follow this myth must wonder why he doesn't morph into a superhero before the regular season begins and "bring it" every night.

  No, that's not it.

  Seriously, though, have you figured out a position on this issue yet? First you dismiss claims that Rondo steps up his play in the postseason because you don't have any idea how regular season and postseason stats generally track. Now you seem to be doing a complete about face, claiming that he *does* step in order to attack him for not stepping up during the regular season. Too funny.

Re: Report: Lee unhappy in Boston due to Rondo's play style
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I think this team has been underachieving for a variety of reasons and Rondo's play and Pierce's play,  are two of them, though, IMHO, they are down on the bottom of the list.

One of the things on the top of the list is the players Danny put together to make up this team. Terry and Barbosa are players that want the ball in their hands and want to score, sometimes to the detriment of a team offense. Now we have Lee and Bass complaining of touches or the offense. We also have a player that left for personal reasons and a big who is useless and another that can never stay healthy.

I think Danny messed up this summer. He never got a decent backup big man worth a [dang]. Several players in the locker room were expecting to continue to play their game, regardless of how the Celtics functioned. Danny must have thought that if KG, PP and RA would sacrifice their games to make a team better than others would too. Obviously he was wrong.

I see a house cleaning in this team's future.

nah I disagree. I think Doc messed up.

Doc has been saying since forever that he wanted to run more and wanted more athleticism because the Big 3 or 4 couldn't close out games by themselves. This is when you have a team who's bench consists of Ryan Hollins, Greg Steimsa, Marquise, Dooling, Peaches, that Sean guy (lol) and Wilcox. Not a bunch of freaks of nature there.

so DA went out and got what Doc wanted. But Doc just assumed he could run and all that with the system he had but that's an untruth. Especially with the players he has.

Like I said. And I will continue to say. This team needed a shake up to get Docs attention. This could be a blessing in disguise because right now Doc is saying all the right things (doesn't mean he will do it).

Take the 2nd unit for example. Best unit we got. Why? They run. They play loose. They have pace. Copy and paste that for all...we win games. We compete. We can *gasp* contend
I think this second unit is rather awful. They have some nice career stats but as a cohesive unit, they suck.

dude you are seriously rondo'd. I don't know how you can flip the initial issue back to Lee. If the rumor is true, and i believe it is, he just being honest. He has played in the league enough years to know what he doesn't appreciate on the court. Why does he get zero touches for 4 minutes and have to bust his azz off on defense?? The guy is not a defensive specialist naturally

If rondo by himself Jordan us to the top of the standings, then nobody can say anything bad. I'd trade lee in 2 seconds if this were the case. BUT its not the case and we have been losing all year 50 percent of the time. The celts team is packed with talent , enough so that we should be a top three team in the conference.

I guess once we go on a honest and simple winning streak continuing with beat sac tomorrow, you might slightly sober up from Rondo mania.

The bolded part just made me spit up my drink.  No way are we top 3 in talent in the east.  Our two best players we have left are both over 35 years old.  We have one great big, KG, and one with a lot of potential Sully.  We have one formerly great player, who is still great sometimes PP. 

Almost the whole rest of the roster is filled out with good role players.  We have a decent roster, but especially with Rondo out now, we probably have more like 5th-8th seed talent.  Miami, Chicago, NYK, Brook, Indiana, Atlanta all have better talent that us in my opinion.  Not that it matters, we tend to get by on effort and guts and a lot of intangibles.  But to say we have top 3 talent?  Maybe in 2010 we did before Shaq got injured, but not now.

I don't get it... you say we have the talent w/o RR to be a 5th seed but that we aren't top 3 with him? What did we have the talent for, 4th seed, with RR? So with RR we are slightly better? If you think a team without RR could be a 5th seed, I don't see why it's so absurd to say we have the talent for a 3rd seed WITH RR.

I didn't say anything about our talent level WITH Rondo.  Re-read my post.  You even highlighted in your post.  My comment was with Rondo OUT we are probably 5-8th seed talent. 

With Rondo, I honestly don't know where we stand talent wise, obviously higher.  But unfortunately our record certainly doesn't seem to indicate it.  1/2 way into the season, with no major injuries (pre Rondo injury) you pretty much are what your record says.

You didn't say it, you inferred it... you said that our talent without RR was a 5th-8th seed, so if you think RR makes us better then we were probably good enough for a 3 seed. Which you pretty much said we aren't. The part that you made bold in the original person's comment said that with the talent we have (on paper) we should be a top 3 team... he was talking about with RR! I don't need to reread your post, you need to reread what you were commenting on.

I don't know what you are talking about, or why you are so upset.  I gave my opinion. 

The previous poster used the verb "is".  As in "this Celtics team IS packed with talent".  That is a PRESENT TENSE VERB!  So I assumed he meant with Rondo out.  I said with Rondo out we are a 5-8th seed talent wise.  I said I don't know where we are WITH Rondo.  YOU are the one misinterpreting.  I was extremely clear in what I posted.  If you disagree with my thoughts, oh well.

You'd be right if you didn't skip over everything he said before that bold part...
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