Author Topic: Look at Demarcus Cousin's numbers since returning, exactly why he's staying put  (Read 8894 times)

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NBA 101
I'll also give you another NBA 101: every time you have the chance to add this type of talent without giving up any of your top 4-5 players, you do it and don't look back. Issues or no issues.

Agree 100% TP

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The days leading up to the deadline are going to go by sooooooooooo slow.

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The days leading up to the deadline are going to go by sooooooooooo slow.

And at the end of the day nothing too exciting will happen.  Probably.
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Cousins just replaced his agent last week or so with a guy who has a rocky history with the King's GM so it's almost certain he'll be out of SAC in the future.  I would expect SAC to trade him for something rather than just let him walk away.  But he's not an FA until 2014 so they have time.

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It looks like Cousins' strong play came to an end tonight.

10 points (3-9 FGAs, 4-5 FTAs, 4 TOs) and 8 rebounds in 27 minutes in a 32 point loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.


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