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Re: Less Obvious Big Man Targets
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  • I'm a Paul Heyman guy.
Semih Erden. I remember that he knows the system already. Played THROUGH injuries fairly decently.
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Re: Less Obvious Big Man Targets
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Here is a trade I feel is realistic and helps both teams. 

Mareesse Speights for Courtney Lee

Memphis needs a back-up SG who can shoot the three and guard SG's like Kobe, Tony Allen has declined this year.  Memphis already has Darrel Arthur who is a good back up PF.   

Boston gets a real 6'10" player who has a good mid-range jumper to spread floor for rondo and the 15th Highest Rebound Rate in the league.

Yes, I like this trade for Boston, especially with Bradley coming back. But Boston would have to send more to Memphis -- Speights is on a really good contract for a big man (he has 2 years left at about $4.5M or so).
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Re: Less Obvious Big Man Targets
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Based on their past transactions, if they were going to trade Speights, Memphis would be more likely to go for a salary dump and seek a SG on a rookie scale contract who makes less then Speights.  Their second choice would probably be a useful veteran on an expiring contract and a first round pick.  Courtney Lee doesn't seem like the kind of contract the Grizzlies would take back.
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