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Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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Miami Heat (10-4, 2-1) at Boston Celtics (9-7,1-2)
Sunday, June 3, 2012
8:30 PM ET
Playoff Game #17, Home Game #9
Radio:  WEEI,  ESPN Radio
TD Garden

Probable Starters

PG:  Rajon Rondo ........................................................SG: Ray Allen

C:  Kevin Garnett

SF:  Paul Pierce .........................................................PF Brandon Bass

Coach: Doc Rivers

Celtics Reserves
Greg Stiemsma
JaJuan Johnson
E'Twaun Moore
Marquis Daniels
Sasha Pavlovic
Ray Allen
Keyon Dooling
Ryan Hollins
Mickael Pietrus

Paul Pierce (knee) probable
Mickael Pietrus (hamstring) probable
Ray Allen (ankle) probable
Greg Stiemsma (feet)  probable
Avery Bradley (shoulder)  out

Probable Starters

PG: Mario Chalmers ......................................................SG: Dwyane Wade

C:  Ronny Turiaf

SF:  LeBron James ...................................................PF: Shane Battier

Coach:  Erik Spoelstra

Heat Reserves
Joel Anthony
Mike Miller
Norris Cole
James Jones
Juwan Howard
Eddy Curry
Udonis Haslem
Terrel Harris
Dexter Pittman

Chris Bosh (ab strain)  out

Key Matchups 
Paul Pierce vs  LeBron James
We haven't seen a big game from the Captain in this series as yet. He had 23 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists in game 3 and did a good job of defending against James without getting into foul trouble, but Pierce can play much better when he really sets his mind to it.  I expect a big game from the Captain and the Celtics have to continue to play team defense on James to keep him out of the paint. 

Rajon Rondo vs Mario Chalmers
Rajon Rondo has been playing some incredible basketball in this series so far.  He has been running the offense, hitting his shots, and playing good defense.  Chalmers has also been playing well in the series so far but there is no question that Rondo has out-played just about everyone.  The Celtics need Rondo to continue his 0ther-worldly play in order to win this game and even the series.  The Heat really have had no answer for him.

Honorable Mention
Kevin Garnett vs Ronny Turiaf/Joel Anthony
Kevin Garnett had yet another impressive performance in game 3.  The Heat have thrown Turiaf, Haslem, Anthony, and even James at him to no avail.  In game 3, KG moved closer to the hoop and was playing in the post more and there was nothing the Heat could do to slow him down. KG needs to continue to play in the post and anchor the defense in this game as well. 

Key Off the Bench

Mickael Pietrus/  Marquis Daniels/  Keyon Dooling
These 3 players were key to the victory in game 3.  They came off the bench to give the starters some rest and they keyed a defensive stand that kept the Heat scoreless for a stretch of over 6 minutes.  Marquis especially was effective in cutting to the hoop and grabbing rebounds and jumping into passing lanes.  Dooling's defense kept Chalmers from getting the team into their offense.  Pietrus also played good defense and even though he didn't hit a shot,  he was able to help stretch the floor and also was active on the boards.   The Celtics need the same type of effort from these key bench players again in game 4. 

Joel Anthony/  Udonis Haslem/  Mike Miller 
The Heat need Anthony to come in and help defend KG along with blocking shots and grabbing rebounds.  He is their only real size inside with Bosh out.  Haslem is a thug and is good for at least one very hard foul a game.  Miller is clearly hurting, but hit 3 huge 3 pointers to help the Heat cut the lead in the 4th quarter.  The Heat's bench players contributed in their wins in Miami but struggled in game 3.  The Celtics need to limit their production again in this game.   

Keys to the Game
Defense - As always, defense is key to winning.  Period.  The Celtics must play tough in your face defense from start to finish.  They can't let themselves get caught up in a shoot out and must concentrate on getting stops.  Just as in game 3, the offense feeds off the defense and so tough  defense is absolutely the key to a win.   

Rebound -   When the Celtics out rebound their opponents, they usually win the game.  In game 3, the Celtics out-rebounded the Heat 44-32.     Much of rebounding is effort and the Celtics have got to continue to crash the boards as a team and the effort that they show on the boards usually transfers to their entire game. 

Focus and Take Care of the Ball  - When the Celtics aren't focused, they tend to turn the ball over way too much.   The Celtics tend to lapse into sloppy ball at times and turn the ball over.  Against a team like the Heat, turnovers will most surely lead to a Wade or James dunk.  The Celtics turned the ball over just 10 times in game 3 and the Celtics have to keep their focus and continue to make smart passes and take care of the ball. 

Bench Play - The play of the Celtics' reserves was a key to winning game 3.  Keyon Dooling, Mickael Pietrus and Marquis Daniels all contributed quality minutes off the bench.  This unit keyed a defensive stand that held the Heat scoreless for over 6 minutes, allowing the Celtics to build the lead that would withstand the Heat's comeback attempt in the 4th quarter.  The Celtics need their reserves to come up big in this game as well.     

Be Aggressive - The Celtics must come out as the more aggressive team from the start.  They must be more aggressive chasing loose balls, going after rebounds, playing defense, and most of all driving into the paint and getting to the rim. They can't settle for jumpers. The Celtics outscored the Heat 58-46 in the paint in game 3 and they have to continue to be aggressive in getting into the paint in game 4.  Controlling the paint will be key to getting this win. 

Game Notes
The Celtics will look to even up the series in this game.  If they can get another win and take the series back to Miami tied at 2,  it's a whole new series.  A loss would pretty much guarantee the Heat a series win since it would be difficult for the Celtics to have to win 3 games in a row including 2 in Miami. 

Erik Spoelstra has said that he doesn't expect Chris Bosh to play in this game even though he accompanied the team to Boston and participated in their Friday shootaround.   The Celtics once again used their off day to rest and view film, choosing to save their legs for the games.  It's expected that all of the Celtics will be available for the game. 

Both teams know the importance of this game and we can expect a bar fight.  The Heat know they gave the Celtics some life with the win in game 3 and are going to try to get the momentum back. Word is that they were loose and unconcerned in their locker room after the game and so they still feel they have control of the series. 

The Celtics have to come out with energy and keep that intensity up throughout the game.  They must again limit Wade and James, especially in the paint.  And they have to move the ball and run their offense and make a concerted effort to get into the paint themselves.   If the officiating is fair,  the Celtics have a good chance to get the win and take the series back to Miami tied at 2 apiece. 

Officiating and Effort
We have seen in the 3 games so far that officiating is absolutely key to this series.  In game 2 the Celtics played very well but the officiating was inconsistent and the refs made some bad calls against the Celtics down the stretch and in OT resulting in a loss.  In game 3, the Celtics once again played very well but the officiating was consistent and fair and the Celtics won.    The way game 4 is called is absolutely crucial to the outcome. 

The Celtics effort in game 1 was lacking and they never were really in the game.  In the last two games they showed great effort.  They could easily be up 2-1 if the officiating had been even in game 2.  The Celtics need to bring that same kind of effort and intensity in this game in order to get the win. 

Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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Biggest game of the year. The refs will be back to their evil selves in game 4. A win puts the pressure on the heat and puts us right back in the series, a loss basically ends our season.


Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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First, go celts and great thread.  Second, where can I get that celtics lamp?
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Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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Prepare for an  epic battle of the Good( Celtics) vs, the Bad (cHEAT) and Ugly (Stern )

This has all the makings of the best game of the year.

May the basketball gods grant us victory over the hated HEAT.  ;D  


Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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Celtics bout to tie this thang up
Double D ~daniels and dooling~ bout to "do it again" like bill cosby and sidney poitier

cant wait
we got this

Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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I hope we don't see Dick Bavetta, Marc Davis, or Bill Kennedy,

Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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"The Celtics will tie this series at 2-2, it's good for business" -Jalen Rose

"7ft PG. Rondo leaves and GUESS WHAT? We got a BIGGER point guard!"-Tommy on Olynyk

Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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I've got a spare ticket to this game if someone wants to come along and see it live from the balcony.

PM me or email

Let's go Cs

how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck was chris bosh?

Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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No pick of Quis with a Celt's jersey? He's been here a while?

Love the lamps!

Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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Forget the refs. Just play your game.
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Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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Time to tie this sucker up! TP. Go Celtics!

Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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C'on Cs!!! We can do this!!

FANS: please continue to be loud if you are going to the game (probably your neighbours wouldn't appreciate it if you do it at home)
I remember from game 3 half time, someone from the Heat mentioned the Boston faithfuls were too loud and they couldn't hear the calls properly, thus slow to get into their sets, or not at all
So please continue to be the mighty 6th man that you are fans!!!
Anything is possible!!!

Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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"The Celtics will tie this series at 2-2, it's good for business" -Jalen Rose


I hope he is right , no matter the reason... ;D

Never know though, the Celtics backs are really against the wall here.  Its gonna be a bar fight to quote a famous person ;D

Re: Heat (2-1) at Celtics (1-2) ECF Game 4 6/3
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There is only one way to win against Miami and the refs = outscore them from start to finish!