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I don't know about the, "this game is over" rule.  I don't participate in the game threads too often, mostly because i can't sit still during the games, I am often jumping about and down.  But there are times where i find myself having to go into another room or changing the channel because i get frustrated with the game.  I think that those comments are most of the time just people venting their frustrations.  But others that participate more often probably know better than I
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in all honesty, i think the game threads are a reflection of the entire blog lately.  there is a lot of nastiness, labeling, sensitivity, and glaringly to me....nit-picking.

i used to post here A LOT!  i got emotionally attached to the blog, its people, my interactions, and the discussions.  by becoming attached, i found i was actually enjoying myself less due to being sucked into negativity.  things have changed since then (about a year ago).

now, i look at this place as a blog, pure and simple.  not a community, just a blog.  by doing so, it is more enjoyable bc im detached from it, while still being engaged in any topic or discussion i choose to be a part of.

my advise...loosen up, reflect, put things in perspective....its not a community, its a blog.  it might not work for everyone, but it has worked for me.

Tp man, that's why my posts have gone way down too :(

It's no ones fault, i just think the tone and personality of this blog has changed and for me personal, it's not as engaging anymore.

It used to be a place you could have a pretty objective conversation with people, now it's all "your either with me or a moron" (with a few exceptions of course) and back biting skirting the COC, and the game threads, which i used to love, are the worst of it.

Again, just a personal opinion

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I can understand the hesitance around implementing an ignore button, but I would be all for it if it wasn't a permanent fixture. In the chat room from many years ago, even though it was a real time chat, you did have an ignore option that would reset every time you logged out. So when trolls like "JasonKiddFan"(remember him?) would pop in to antagonize us, some of us would block him. The next time you logged in though, he could appear again until you repeated the process. The point is, I'd be all for it if it wasn't an all or nothing situation--if you just aren't in the mood to deal with the tone of an individual and can't look past the posts--you could block him. The next time you log in you can make that decision again. Facebook's hide option is similar, although you have to physically "unhide" someone to start seeing their posts in your newsfeed-that would be the extreme of what I think would be appropriate for this blog. As far as instituting more rules, it's almost worse to silence what someone wants to say vs giving people an option not to read it. Right now the only option is: deal with it or don't enter the threads...

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Is it me or is there not enough outlets for me to voice my displeasure about not being able to say whatever I want on Celticsblog when I want?

It's like "Hey guys, let's start talking about the issues with some real-talk" ya know?

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People have got to grow thicker skin sheesh

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Being a Celtics fan based in Australia I rarely get to watch games live as they are usually on during working hours. Following a play by play usually doesn't give the full picture of a game and therefore I read the game blog to gauge the comments of fellow supporters. I fully agree that it has become increasingly frustrating to follow what is actually happening on the court with all the "we are gone" comments in the first quarter of games and so on. I used to rely on descriptions of what is actually happening on the court from you guys but now I have a lot more faith in following the play by play because it does actually tell me a lot more! If it wasn't for that I would be led to believe that we are always behind by double digits at any point in the game and will never win again!

Surprise, surprise when the C's do actually have a comfortable lead and are playing well these same people go entirely missing from the blog as if incapable of showering any kind of praise on the team. Mind boggling attitudes?

Thank god for posters such as Dirk who ironically enough is also currently based in Australia. While we don't need over the top cheer leaders his positive attitude and attempts to paint a picture of what is actually happening are refreshing.
:D Cheers!

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i think the uncivil atmosphere you speak of has coincided with one of the most frustrating seasons in Celtics history, for some very specific reasons:

1) the Celtics are the proudest franchise in the league. we have had to endure a 20-year title drought that was brought on by one unbelievably tortuous twist of fate after another. adding insult to injury, us Celtic fans have had to endure watching the Bulls, Spurs and Lakers win multiple titles in our absence.

2) the arrival of Kevin Garnett and the immediate effect that he had on the team was like a warm balm that brought healing to our collective wounds. the team magically became the Celtics again, caring about winning above all else, playing the fiercest team defense seen by the NBA in many years and most of all, playing together as a team, beautifully. the championship that followed was like a miracle. only one year previous, banner #17 seemed as far away as it ever had, and now, the championship trophy was back where it had always belonged - in Boston.

3) the frustration and pain that would follow the euphoria and satisfaction of the championship started with the summer-long holdout and subsequent loss of james posey. we still haven't replaced the guy. still, the Celts started the next season fast - very fast. but the christmas day loss in LA was soon followed by the injury to Garnett that ultimately derailed the title defense. the loss of Leon Powe  - another beloved member of the title team was followed the next season by the trade of Eddie House.

4) then came the amazing playoff run that saw the Celts simply dismantle the two best records from the regular season. winning at cleveland and orlando almost looked easy. then, of course, came the hated Lakers, the amazing wins in games 4 & 5 at home, followed by game 6 & Perk blowing out his knee after getting hammered off the top rope by Bynum. then, of course, came game 7, which for me, a Celtics fan of 40+ years, is now the most painful loss in our history

5) this season felt like a re-birth of the 2008 championship group, but with the addition of a togetherness forged out of everything they had been thru - four seasons together, the title, the loss to orlando, the injuries, and most of all, the unity that resulted from the aforementioned game 7 in last year's finals. the team was playing their lights-out defense again, KG looked like his old self, Ray Ray and Paul were playing great and Rondo was knocking the top out of every assist record he could find. most of all, the Celts had a shared motivation that you rarely see in professional sports. they didn't just want to win the title this year, they NEEDED to.

6) and then the trade that took it all away. the playoffs were going to be our revenge and redemption. this team had become a special group for so many of us. they cared about each other in a way not usually seen in pro sports. i mantain to this day that the Celtics simply have not been the same team since Perk left. watching them struggle the last two months of the season, seeing them get bullied by other teams they use to bully, like Chicago and Miami. they have lost their identity and their confidence. no amount of "playing hard" can bring that back.

and that Roy, in brief, is why i think you are seeing the extreme anger and confrontation that you spoke about above, within the Celtic family. at this point, it's just a little too much to take and the thought of the Lakers pulling even with us or the Bulls or OKC (with Perk), or God Forbid the Heat, starting a run of titles is just more pain than i can handle.
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Were one of the last 6-7 teams standing it's all or nothing

Lets officially turn this series around the Garden will be rockin
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Let's just have a repeat of Game 3, both on the court and in the game thread.  If we do, there will be a lot of happy folks around CB.

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Couple breakdown but basically the C's are playing good defense. Bass missing shots he made last game.

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wrong thread... sorry


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