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The official bruins trade deadline thread
« on: December 22, 2009, 02:14:38 AM »

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The bruins have the new jersey devils syndrome now and that is they can play frugal hockey in terms of giving up goals but also in turn can't score goals

Savard a top points man in the league is struggling to find a partner to help bury goals. Savard is not a prototypical assisting center man like say Joe Thornton or Adam Oates both who can seem thread impossible passes to their teammates but rather he is good at making long distance passes and good at passing to players in 3 on 2 or 2 on 1 situations. A player that can skate and shift and of course score.

Problems with the partners he is forced to pair up such as sturm is that he can skate and shift but is barely considered a sniper with his scoring capabilities and michael ryder can't barely skate.

Come trade deadline the bruins have a couple of choices

1) kovalchuk - instaneously the bruins would be one of the most dangerous teams in the league. Him and savard are great together and would score a ton of goals with the rest of the lineup having the privelage to relax a little to having to score. But it would take a ton to get him with no guarantee he would resign next season.

2) Selanne - A much better short term rental if you ask me. The ducks i heard also would unload him at the right price. He could take a couple of high end prospects like sobokta and penner but i rather do that than give up possibly rask and others for kovalchuk. Selanne is in the kovalchuk pedigre that can skate fast and has a shot that likes the find the back of the net.

3) Jeff Carter - Rumours are from the net that philly really needs a goalie. We would have to part with either rask or thomas with rask the better option for philly to obtain since he is cheaper. I just don't know if carter just had a fluke scoring year last year netting 46 or he is on the verge of becoming a sniper. After all johnathan cheechoo scored 50 plus once and look at him now.

4) Frolov - lack of heart is what i'am hearing about him. Lack of defensive effort. But the guy has real offensive talent that can't be ignored. He would cost a pick and a prospect but in the end could pay huge dividends imo.

I would like kovalchuk since he is farmiliar with playing with savard but if he took too much to get (cuz the bruins won't be able to resign him after this year) i rather get Selanne and Frolov should also be considered.

Selanne is 39 but still a dynamic offensive player and i'm sure with savard at centre would be able to score a ton.

Re: The official bruins trade deadline thread
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2009, 10:57:38 AM »

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we definitely need another goal scorer!  at the same time, the b's have been without key players the entire season.  we havent actually seen them at full strength for a period of time.  i think, when healthy and at full strength, we are in good shape.  but if u can get a kovalchuk, u got to go for it.


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