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Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
« on: November 26, 2009, 09:54:53 PM »

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Toronto Raptors (7-9) at Boston Celtics (11-4)
Friday, November 27
7:30 PM ET
Regular Season Game #16, Home Game #10
TV:  CSN HD, TSN, LP 754
TD Banknorth Garden 

Coach: Doc Rivers
Average Age: 27.9
Average Height: 6-6
Average Weight: 224

Probable Starters

Rondo/  R Allen/  Pierce/  Garnett/  Perkins


Marquis Daniels
Rasheed Wallace
Eddie House
Shelden Williams
Lester Hudson
JR Giddens
Brian Scalabrine

Glen Davis (thumb) out
Tony Allen (ankle) day to day


Bill Walker

Coach: Jay Triano
Average Age: 26.7
Average Height: 6-7
Average Weight: 226

Probable Starters

Calderon/ DeRozan/ Turkoglu/Bosh/ Bargnani

Sonny Weems
Amir Johnson
Jarrett Jack
Rasho Nesterovic
Marcus Banks
Marco Bellinelli
Pops Mensah-Bonsu
Patrick O'Bryant
Antoine Wright

Reggie Evans (foot) out

Team Connections
Amir Johnson and Rasheed Wallace were teammates in Detroit from 2006-09
Marcus Banks was drafted by and  played for the Celtics from 2003-06
DeMar DeRozan and Brian Scalabrine are former USC Trojans
Reggie Evans and Ray Allen were teammates in Seattle from 2003-06
Rasho Nesterovic, Jarrett Jack and Marquis Daniels were teammates in Indiana during the 2008-09 season
Nesterovic and Kevin Garnett were teammates in Minnesota from
Patrick O’Bryant played forthe Celtics during the 2008-09 season

Key Matchups
Rajon Rondo  vs Jose Calderon
It doesn't get easier for Rondo as he faces yet another tough matchup.  Calderon is a quick PG who will give Rondo problems if he doesn't bring his A game. 

Kevin Garnett vs Chris Bosh 
Chris Bosh is one of the top young power forwards in the game today but he always seems intimidated by KG and rarely plays well against the Celtics. He averaged 16.5 points on 42.9 percent shooting vs the Celtics last season, well below his season averages.  Bosh is leading the Raptors in points (25.4), Rebounds (11.9), and Blocks (1.2) and so it is important to slow down Bosh    Let's hope that KG continues to intimidate him in this game.   

Paul Pierce vs Hedo Turkoglu
Turkoglu plays Pierce very well and he always seems to have a good game vs the Celtics.  More than once, he pulled out a win for his team when he was with the Magic.  Pierce's defense will be needed as much as his offense in this game. 

Game Notes
• Celtics swept the season series 4-0 against Toronto in 2008-09
• Paul Pierce led the Celtics with 24.5 points per game last season
• Chris Bosh led the Raptors with 16.5 points and 8.8 rebounds per game
• Season sweep by C’s marked first time since 1997-98 season that C’s accomplished that feat against Toronto
• The Celtics are leading the all-time series 33-20 with the Celtics 18-8 at home

The Celtics are undefeated in division play but they have struggled in their last two games against division foes as it took overtime to get past the Knicks and then a 3 point win over the Sixers in which Paul Pierce played 43 minutes. 

The Celtics have been struggling on both ends of the floor but then, so have the Raptors.  The Raptors have lost four straight on the road after a 116-81 loss at Charlotte on Wednesday. Toronto shot a season-low 34.5 percent and scored 35 second-half points in that contest.  They have allowed seven straight opponent to score more than 100 points and are giving up 108.6 points per game, which is the worst in the Eastern Conference.

The Raptors are a 3 point shooting team and although they have been struggling, if the past few games are any indication,  they will find their shooting touch in time to torch the Celtics in this game.  The Sixers aren't known as a perimeter shooting team and yet were hitting from everywhere on the court in their last game. 

After this game, 7 of the Celtics next 8 games are on the road.  A win in this game would give them confidence and momentum going into the next tough stretch of games.

Keys to The Game
Defense, Defense, Defense   The Celtics must find their defense again.  They have been allowing way too many open shots and easy baskets recently.  They need to get back to what has made them such a tough team.  Against the Raptors, they especially need to tighten up their perimeter defense as they are a very good 3 point shooting team. 

Rebound   The Celtics have to crash the boards on both ends.  Defensive rebounds prevent second chance opportunities for the Raptors and Offensive rebounds given them extra shots along with preventing the fast break for the Raptors.    Rebounding is mostly effort and desire and the Celtics need to be showing both of those things. 

Take it To the Hoop
  The Celtics need to take the ball into the paint and either get the score or draw the foul.  Quick 3's are not good offense, especially the way they haven't been falling for them recently.   They need to run the offense and move the ball and make the extra pass. 

Play 48 Minutes Recently the Celtics have been playing in spurts like they think they can just turn it on and off.  They need to come out strong and build a lead in the first quarter instead of digging a hole that they have to work harder to get out of.  They also need to keep their effort up and not allow the Raptors to get back in the game if they get up.  They've been able to win the last two games with up and down play, but just barely. 

Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
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looking forward to this one.  hope the team puts a solid effort for the entire game. go celts!

Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
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KG better watch out for Bargnani.

Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2009, 11:48:20 PM »

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I thought we played better against the Sixers than we did on Sunday so I'm hoping to see more improvement tomorrow. Rondo and the rest of the team needs to aggressive. The Bobcats killed them with points in the paint and fast breaks so I hope we can do the same. Also looking out from a big game from Pierce and/or Ray who seem to take turns tormenting the Raptors.
TP FLCF. Go Celtics!
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Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2009, 01:20:00 AM »

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TP 4 FL.

Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
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I have a feeling the Celtics that we all know and love will be back in top form ... TP, Florida ... and happy Thanksgiving!
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Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
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I have a feeling the Celtics that we all know and love will be back in top form ... TP, Florida ... and happy Thanksgiving!

I had this feeling for the game against Philly but it didn't come true... I'm quite worried about the Raptors since they have shooters at every position and the C's struggle defensively. With that said... it's the Raptors and they play no D at all so... mixed feelings.

Anyway, TP FL, thanks again for the great work, and let's go Celtics!

Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
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we need a solid win here soon
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Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
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SOmehow I need to get home to watch this.

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Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
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I hope to see a beat down of the Raptors after watching Alabama give Auburn a beat down in the Iron Bowl.

FLCeltsFan, the Gators are next.  ;)

Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
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thanks fl. tp for your great work.

this is the sort of game that the celtics should be in control and get a win, even if not a blow out.

however, given the last few games i not sure of a victory.

i hope this is the game when the celtics put together a convincing win, recover their defense, and play smart on the offensive end.

given that the celtics are heading for a long road trip, i would like them to be playing more like their start to the season, not recent games.

go celtics!
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Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
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Go Celts, and TP FLC!
Celtics fan for life.

Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
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Go C's!

A convincing victory to go back to the top spot in the east is what i want to see tonight!


Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
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Tp indeed.

All the negativity aside, I just want to note that I have bought some JD and since I got two(!!) basketballgames tomorrow where I'm on point, they had bloody hetter play well cuz if I get to open those bottles, I don't think my games will be any better :p

That said, I think today is a good day to get some Gino time. I'm looking forward to a decent clobbering by our beloved Green team. Lets rout them Raptors like they've never been routed before!

Ps.: so, Drucci, around tonight or not? ;)

*gettin' some shuteye before the game* Zz.

Re: Raptors (7-9) at Celtics (11-4) 11/27
« Reply #14 on: November 27, 2009, 04:21:42 PM »

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TP Fl.

hoping the C's play well tonight. want to see a big game from ray and sheed.
want sheed to take it inside if the 3's are not working for him. we should really take advantage of bargniani and bosh inside.