Author Topic: Anyone reccomend a good Hotel outside Boston to stay at and things to do?  (Read 1132 times)

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I'm heading to Boston with my girlfriend to see the Celtics play the Hornets in December and spend the weekend.  I was looking around trying to find a good hotel outside Boston that is fairly close to a T station so we could easily just jump on the T to get get to the City and the game.  We were going to stay for 2 nights and spend the weekend in and around Boston.

Just wondered if anyone could recommend a good inexpensive hotel?

I've gone up to Boston many times before for games, but haven't really done a whole lot in the city.  Any reccomendations on things to do on the weekend while we are there in December?  I've been to Quincy Market before with her and gone on the duck tour, but was looking for something different that we haven't tried.  We are both 25 years of age if that helps at all!

Any help would be great.  I figured maybe some fellow Celtics fans that live in Boston may have some good ideas.

Thanks in advance!