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Boston getting greener by the day
« on: October 15, 2008, 12:22:57 AM »

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This city of ours has become a championship thirsty town.  Number 17 for the Celts came in the middle of all the hoopla.  We followed the Sox and relieved the pain for the Pats. 

As the days go on, we seem to be separating ourselves from the pack (even during the preseason).

The Sox are about to be humbly beat by a smaller budget, better baseball team.  The Pats are nowhere near a contender for the Vince Lombardi without Tommy Dreamboat.

The casual fans used to championships, and us true Celts fans will soon turn their attention to the most recent champions, and the only team left trying to defend their title.  Let's enjoy the spotlight, and try to keep the torch burning for the most successful sports city this century.

13 days...
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