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Reading these reviews made me laugh (music/wrestling related)
« on: September 28, 2008, 08:12:21 PM »

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Who knows why, but me and a friend were discussing music yesterday and while joking around about it we got on the Macho Man Randy Savage CD, and of course you can't talk about that without talking about the Hulkster's CD too. 

Oh yes, they both released albums, Macho Man's was a hip hop album (I couldn't make this up if I tried) while Hogan's was more of a rock album.

Hogan's album has 55 reviews on Amazon, while Macho Man's has 200 reviews!  By comparison (just pulling random artists) Sign 'O' the Times by Prince has 156 reviews, American Gangster by Jay-Z has 134 reviews, Ill Communication by the Beastie Boys has 104 reviews.  Yet Macho Man has 200!

Hogan's album has an average rating of 4 1/2 stars (and that's out of 5!)
Macho Man's album has an average rating of 3 1/2 stars (yet he still got 117 five star ratings and his album can be yours for a minimum  of $24.89, not including shipping.)

Some of the reviews of Hogan's album:
"Easily the best thing recorded in the history of sound!"
"Ingenius, Thought-Provoking"
"Hands down the most important album of the 20th Century!"
"I just simultaneously orgasmed eight times"
"Is there anything the Hulkster can't do?"
"i wish there were more than 5 stars"
"When I first listened to this album I was speechless. The only words I was able to mutter at the end were "thank you". Man this Cd is AWESOME!!!"
"Legendary. Pure genius. Mind-blowing"
"Singlehandedly makes the 90's musically important"
"Maybe the greatest work of art ever created"
"I don't think there are enough words in the English language to describe how awesome this entire cd is. This is a musical masterpiece that makes Led Zeppelin and The Beatles look like Vanilla Ice by comparasion. I've heard from friends in Iraq that this album, with such patriotic dittys as 'American Made'"
"And the song Beach Patrol... well, let's just say I've had several passion filled nights with my significant other while listening to that song"
"Let's face it. Hulk Hogan has created this generation's Dark Side of the Moon! This amazing album takes you on a roller coaster ride both musically and emotionally. But, just like most great albums, it leaves you wanting more"

And now some of Macho Man's reviews:
"Savage's raw and aggressive style explodes on this album, a must own for any fan of music. Every song on "Be A Man" is dripping with powerful lyrics and unforgettable beats."
"I have to admit that when I first heard about this album I thought it was just a joke, but then I actually listened to it and found it to be the most hard-hitting and poignant collection of songs that I've heard in the last twenty years. Savage's passion shines through in every sick cut as the listener is given a rare glimpse at the inner feelings of the notorious wrestler."
"There is no way you will ever get closer to the utopia you experience when you listen to this outstanding album"
"Best rap album in the last 20 years"
"Get ready for a clotheslining of the soul"
"Its not often that I cry when listening to a CD but this isn't just any CD"
"The one tiny critism that I have is that, as usual, the Macho Man is too understated."
"When I was just a small child, my mother told me that God could work miracles. I never believed her until now"
"There's a new poet in town, and his names macho man"
"Not since Run DMC's "King of Rock" has there been an album that truly reflects the 4 elements of hip hop"
"I've recently received a copy of randy macho man savages new rap album and all i can say is WOW. His lyrics are tight and the beats are insane. When i first heard that Mach had a rap album out I laughed alot but when i heard this cd I laughed harder. All I got to say is Eminem, 50 cent and obie trice watch out, theres a new rap artist on the charts and his name is randy macho man savage. This cd will definatly last the test of time and he is not another vanilla ice. Randy is for real and hes ready to kick some ...!!! "
"THE ultimate dream gift for your wife"

Just the effort so many people went to in an attempt to write legitimate sounding reviews had me rolling on the floor, and there's just so many of them too.  If you're looking for a laugh, go read some of those reviews, or better yet go look up the songs on YouTube!

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Re: Reading these reviews made me laugh (music/wrestling related)
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"Be A Man" was the jam back in 03.

By that I mean, we'd listen to it when we were hammered and laugh our asses off.

Gotta love the touching tribute to Curt Hennig.

Looking around on youtube, I found this next video. I never realized when I was a little kid that some of these guys were obviously on drugs.

Seriously, tell me THAT is the work of a sober man
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