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Re: Super off topic, off topic thread
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I don't know where to put this but I gotta put it somewhere.  Need to vent a little.

I tend to look at Yahoo. Their news is slanted left, but their comments section tends to be mixed. 

Calling the Yahoo comments section mixed is like saying Jefferson Davis was casually in favour of slavery.

This comment stuck out to me because I too read Yahoo.  Something about the articles and comments just does it for me, it's a combination of Roy's and petbrick's opinion though.

IMO, the articles are pretty left, but the comments are hard right, and it's hilarious to me and makes for interesting reading.  I loved reading a left leaning article only to go to the comments and see 90% of the commenters vehemently disagreeing with it.  It was the opposite of an echo chamber, and I don't know of many places where you can find that.

Sometimes I go to the comments section to mock the author/subject, sometimes I go to the comments section to look down on the commenters, but either way the comments always delivered on any hot button issue.

Anyway a week or so ago, Yahoo disabled their comments section.  Now none of the articles have comments anymore.  Totally ruins the experience and enjoyment for me.  I'm bummed.

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