Author Topic: modest trade: salary relief plus improved pick with Indy and Dallas (idea)  (Read 998 times)

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Re: modest trade: salary relief plus improved pick with Indy and Dallas (idea)
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So another Hayward out and Turner in trade with about the millionth new idea involving other parts?

Like others here I say keep Hayward, add some different support staff and go after the title that way. In a messed up season that could have half the off-season as normal the top teams that basically run it back will probably have the most success. Boston should try to be one of those teams, IMHO.

I think I agree too at this point. If anything Iíd like to see a few of the young guys moved for a solid veteran.

Re: modest trade: salary relief plus improved pick with Indy and Dallas (idea)
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This isCeltic out:  Hayward, Langford, Ojeleye, C. Edwards, pick 26, pick 47.

Celtics in:  Turner, Hardaway Jr., Dorian F.S., pick 18

Pacers in:  Hayward, Langford, Kleber, pick 26

Pacers out:  Oladipo, Turner, McDermott

Dallas in:  Oladipo, McDermott, Ojeleye, C. Edwards, pick 47

Dallas out: Hardaway Jr., Kleber, Dorian F.S., pick 18

Had a similar idea, but it didnít involve Indiana. Just Gordon Hayward to Dallas. My line of thinking for a deal with Dallas is that Gordon doesnít not want to sign an extension this offseason, and prefers to opt in to the final year on his contract. With that being the case, the Celtics should look to maximize the value of Hayward.

Dallas is said to be willing to take on major salaries to acquire a 3rd star. I think the headline is a little misleading, but basically Dallas would like to clear additional salary for 2021 by acquiring a large expiring contract. This is where the Celtics come into play....

To BOS: Hardaway Jr, Dwight Powell, 18th pick

To DAL: Gordon Hayward

Why for Boston?

If Hayward isnít willing to commit long term, you have to consider trading him. Powellís contract gives the Celtics future salary to trade down the line. Aside from maintaining flexibility in trades, the Celtics add another 2020 1st round pick (#18) Iím sure Ainge will have a few trades lined up to consolidate the 3 first round picks the Celtics already have. The Celtics could theoretically trade 14, 26, & 30 and move up to 6-8, while still having pick 18.

Lastly, if Iím Ainge, Iím also asking the Mavericks to take pick 30 in exchange for pick 33. Second round picks are more valuable due to their contract flexibility/non guarantees.

óóó> To BOS: Hardaway, Powell, #18, #33
            To DAL: Hayward, #30, #47

Why for Dallas?

The Mavericks clear Dwight Powell off the books while keeping Kleber and Seth Curry on their roster. This trade ensures that Dallas will have maximum cap space in 2021 to pursue a star (Giannis!). If they strike out on 2021 free agents, adding Hayward to complement Luka and Porzingis wouldnít be a bad consolation prize.

Lastly, Dallas could move Hayward at the trade deadline if they choose to. I.e: for Oladipo like in the original post.

Off Topic: Iím just not completely sold on Myles Turner as a Celtic. I would prefer to sign Christian Wood. I think Wood is a little bit more valuable than the MLE worth $9.7M, but that would be my initial offer (a sign and trade would hard cap the Cs but could get Wood more $)