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3 Way Trade Idea: BOS/IND/PHI
« on: November 16, 2020, 12:45:37 AM »

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Boston receives: Al Horford + Doug McDermott + Future Indiana 1st Round Pick

Indiana receives: Gordon Hayward

Philadelphia receives: Victor Oladipo + Enes Kanter

Címon who wouldnít like the sentimental rerun of Big Al?

Re: 3 Way Trade Idea: BOS/IND/PHI
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I would not like any rerun of Big Al.

A lot of noise on here about dealing Hayward. I think when all is said and done, heís starting for the Cís on opening night.

Ainge canít let him walk for nothing. So if he wants to take his chances this offseason on a longer contract, we have to match. I donít understand why some believe he is disgruntled here. When healthy, he has been integral in our success. His injuries and recovery really canít be blamed on the team.

If he keeps the final year of the deal, I really donít know why we would downgrade in any way. Run it back. Fortify the bench with the MLE and consolidating the picks. If Ainge were to trade him, we need to get another star for him.

Re: 3 Way Trade Idea: BOS/IND/PHI
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DA did not want to pay that much AH last year to keep his core together but will trade for him now?? No way